A 50-Year-old suffers from pain in the chest, but a heart attack it is not

Sudden pain in the chest are among the most threatening symptoms in emergency medicine. Often they indicate a life-threatening disease like a heart attack and should be evaluated promptly. (More to the symptoms of a heart attack, click here)

The 50-year-old waiter was in the eyes of the Doctors is a classic heart attack candidate: He had a stressful Job and smoked. With chest pain, he came to the emergency room of a Hamburg hospital and was feeling very weak. However, the ECG was unremarkable, as well as the cardiac catheter findings. In the weeks before he was due to the complaints already twice in the Rescue. And here, too, the investigations had revealed nothing. Neither heart nor lungs, the Doctors were able to find something eye-catching.

The man had high levels of Inflammation, any force, was sweating at night. His muscles, joints and stomach ached. A rheumatological login was called – rheumatologists are experts in hard-to-classify symptoms. Angela of Elling, a senior physician at the Klinikum Stephansplatz in Hamburg, was in charge of the patient, and it would change his whole life for the Good.

In the new episode of star-Podcasts “The diagnosis,” she says of how she, through a wise diagnostic approach, the cause for the chest pain tracked. And the Patient on the hospital bed, finally said to her: “you have saved my life.”

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