95-Year-old has healed virtually alone

It is hard to believe. The images and messages do not reach the one from Italy, can be worse hardly. Within 24 hours, approximately 800 people died last weekend at the Coronavirus in Italy. The military is used, the coffins of the dead people away. Scenes, the worldwide mourning. Even better, if messages do not reach for hope. As the story of the 95-Year-old Alma Clara Corsini.

The miracle of Mondena

The 95-year-old woman is the first Coronavirus patient could be dismissed in the province of Modena, cured from the hospital. In your retirement home, she was noticed with a slight cough, but without further symptoms. Immediately it was delivered to the hospital, where your airway aggravated problems due to the Virus, according to a report from the “Gazzetta di Modena”. The newspaper also reported that the Doctors dared to give the old lady anti-retro viral and anti-inflammatory drugs. The right way to go?

Society is changing

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Alma, the fighter against Corona

Apparently, you do. Because Alma Clara Corsini was healthy again. It had healed practically alone, it is said. Soon the ventilator was no longer needed. “Despite my years, I am still a good fighter”, the newspaper quoted you. We are impressed and pull the hat!

By the way: The Virus has spread thanks to the attentive staff in the nursing home where the 95-Year-old lives. The mayor of the Italian town by the name of Fanano, the place of residence of the Elderly woman praised. He wrote on Facebook: “Welcome back, Alma, you rock”. And also the social-democratic party “Partito Democratico” spoke up: “good news that gives us hope,” wrote the party. And since we can’t agree more!

source: Gazzetta di Modena, t-online.de, tagesschau.de

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