7 Hair Color Trends Everyone Was Trying in 2018

2018 was a year of head-turning hair styles. Among the standouts over the last 12 months were cold brew hair, which took everyone’s favorite coffee order and turned it into a standout ‘do. Rose gold hair also ruled; this look gave us a crown to match our obsession with anything and everything soft pink. Here, we’ve rounded up all seven of the hair trends everyone was trying in 2018. We’re betting that they’ll be big in 2019 too.

Cold brew hair

This look by @hairby_kimberlyy took the Internet by storm back in early fall. Everyone suddenly had cold brew both in their cups and on their heads, and the trend hasn’t died down. Ask your stylist for a dark brunette with warm highlights. The red-gold hues will flow through your locks like creamer in your cup.

Dirty blonde

Effortless style was huge in 2018, and this ‘do by @sarahzstylz is the low-maintenance look that won the year. You won’t even have to worry about your roots growing out.

Flannel hair

This is another look the Internet couldn’t get enough of as the weather turned colder. Flannels are a fall fashion staple, and their traditional red, copper, and cider hues give hair a foliage flair. Get creative with this style like @anthonycuts by adding auburn, cinnamon, or something completely out of the box.

Caramel highlights

If you tend to keep your tresses au natural, this is still the softest way to spice things up. You can’t go wrong with caramel highlights like the ones @laurenlewiss is rocking. That mane is OMG-worthy.

Cobalt blue

As much as we all want to rock neon hair, it might not cut it at your desk job. But that doesn’t mean you have to totally give up on color. This cobalt blue look like this one by @jaymz.marsters proved to be the perfect in between.

Rose gold

There’s no denying rose gold was the color of the year, and we love that so many manes showed off this color so beautifully. This rosy style by @ambermcmahen is exactly what you need to switch things up—and hey, it matches your jewelry.

Blonde balayage ombre

Platinum took off in 2018, but not everyone wanted to bleach their entire mane. This blonde balayage ombre by @hellobalayage was—and still is—the perfect way to dip your toes in the trend without completely diving in.

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