The One Crystal You Need To Get If You’re A Gemini

Gemini season is just around the corner, and with this crazy year going the way it is, it’s smart to stock up on all the good vibes. Some dive themselves into yoga, some stock up on crystals, and some do all of the above. You may ask yourself, “Why would I stock up on crystals?” Because crystals can actually heal. Now if you haven’t heard of the healing properties of crystals, it’s about time to read up.

People have been using healing crystals for thousands of years, it’s not a new fad from TikTok. There have been accounts of Roman soldiers wearing crystals as protective amulets, the ancient Egyptians wearing them for protection, and a core belief in Buddhism is using crystals as medicine (via Crystal Age). Many people believe crystals promote different things in every person, like promoting good energy, ridding your body of negative energy, bestowing confidence, and bringing balance, to name a few.

It's time to invest in some Tiger's Eye

Now, while Geminis can have many crystals to help them, the best one by far is to stock up on Tiger’s Eye. A Tiger’s Eye crystal is believed to bring both emotional and spiritual healing to oneself, so basically bringing balance when you feel you’re about to lose it. Since Geminis are so complex, experts recommend a Tiger’s Eye to help balance yourself out. It also helps improve determination and courage, since Geminis need a little help to stick with their goals (via Tiny Rituals). Mazz Hanna, a crystal healer, told FabFitFun that having a Tiger’s Eye handy, “brings a balance to opposing views and thoughts.” She also recommended crystals such as Shungite and Amazonite.

So, there’s literally nothing stopping you from grabbing one from a metaphysical shop. Even if you’re skeptical, what’s the harm in bringing a cute crystal along for the ride with you? Nothing. If anything, you’re more spiritually ready for a fantastic Gemini season.

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