Hilary Duff Jokes Her Daughter Banks Is ‘Not a Dummy’ When it Comes to Eating French Fries

Hilary Duff’s 3-year-old daughter Banks, whom she shares with husband Matthew Koma, has a nose for snacks. Specifically, French fries! The How I Met Your Father actress recently had a friend recount a recent experience with Banks sniffing out fries in the car, and it is hilarious.

“Can you please impersonate my daughter getting into your car?” Duff asked her friend on her Instagram Stories Thursday. The friend responds by sniffing deeply. Then she says, while pretending to be Banks, “Smells good. Smells like French fries. Do you have French fries? Can I have some?” which makes Duff burst out laughing.


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The actress then asks, “How long ago?” Her friend responds, “An hour-and-a-half after getting French fries. Crumpled down the bag, put it on the floor. I mean, I didn’t smell French fries anymore, but she did.”

That is so cute. Hey, you can’t blame a girl for knowing what she wants! When Duff asks her friend if she gave Banks any fries, the friend responds, “Oh, she ate the whole thing! Cold and loved it.”

Then she detailed exactly how much Banks enjoyed the fries. “Each bite and then…” as the friend mimes licking her fingers. “Eat fries, lick the salt, eat fry, lick the salt.”


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Duff responds, “Well she’s not a dummy.” Her friend says, “Well, she’s your daughter.”

“That’s how you’re supposed to do it!” Duff adds. As a fellow salt-lover, I can confirm this is the exact way you’re supposed to eat fries. Banks has taste — and obviously an amazing sense of smell!

Her daughters definitely know how to eat right. Banks also loves Doritos and back in April, Duff shared an adorable video to Instagram of her 1-year-old daughter Mae eating a chicken nugget. The refined palette of kids is truly a universal experience.

Celebrities — they’re just like us! Especially when it comes to embarrassing their kids.

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