Brooke Shields Cries Sending Her Daughter Back to College in Heartfelt Tribute

Parents everywhere are feeling a little emotional this month as school starts again. From sending kindergarteners to their first day to helping college kids move into their dorms, it’s all a struggle! And it doesn’t matter if you’ve done it before — saying goodbye is always bittersweet. Brooke Shields opened up about how hard it is to send your kids to college for the second time in a heartfelt video on Instagram yesterday, and it’ll make you feel seen!

“Turns out second time is NOT the charm when it comes to your baby going off to college,” the Pretty Baby star captioned the video. “Sophomore year, here she comes. I’ll be crying if you need me… 😭❤️”

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“So I just had to wave my daughter goodbye again,” a crying Shields says in the video, referring to 19-year-old Rowan Francis, whom she shares with husband Chris Henchy. The two also have Grier Hammond, 16. “And I thought it would be easier the second time.”

She explained that Rowan has already “been away” to college at Wake Forest University once, but that she has been home with her mom all summer. The A Castle for Christmas star added that she’s not driving with her to college, so she just had to wave goodbye.

“She’s driving with her dad,” Shields continues. “But she’s taking my car, which was my car as my graduation present car, and so she going to be driving that and I said, ‘it was just too painful.’ I don’t think I could go through the driving away from campus again.”

“So if there’s anybody else going through this…We’re all in it together,” she says, adding, “Ugh, it’s so hard. I miss her already.”

Parents were super supportive of the model, writing, “Love love for you😍❤️❤️.” Another said, “So sweet. Made me tear up for you! Sending love your way ❤️.”

One person said, “I’m right there with you! 3 kids in college 😭,” and someone else commented, “It sux! Are our hearts just going to break over and over again forever now!? Oy-ve! 😭”

Last year, Shields shared how hard it was to send her daughter off to college the first time. She wrote, “My unique and extraordinary baby girl spreading her wings. I love you so. We are so proud of you. This was the saddest drive away from anywhere I’ve ever had to make. But my baby is BEGINNING one of the most important adventures of her life to date…NOW!”

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In May, Rowan confirmed she wants to be a broadcast journalist, and she interviewed her mom for Entertainment Tonight. The Beginning Is Now founder said, “I always say, make sure that you find a vocation that you absolutely love, and do it the hardest, work the hardest at it. Start wherever you’re allowed to, wherever you’re invited and work as hard as you can. No job is too small and stay focused on what you love and what you want to do.”

It’s hard now, but it’ll all be worth it watching your daughter grow up and achieve her dreams! Hang in there, mama!

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