Amazon’s 5 Best Nursing Pajamas for More Comfortable, Convenient Nighttime Feedings

Waking up in the middle of the night to nurse can be a dizzying event, even on your best days. After practically sleepwalking to your baby’s nursery for perhaps the tenth feeding of the past 24 hours, the last thing you want to do is struggle with buttons and constricting material. Simply put, any old sleepwear won’t do when your newborn has you on the night shift. That’s why comfortable, functional nursing pajamas are one of the best investments a new mom can make

And if you’re on the lookout for the best quality, variety and pricing, cast your (bleary) eyes on one of Amazon’s top-ranked brands, Ekouaer. They’re responsible for some of the site’s best-selling, most versatile nursing pajamas, including nightgowns, shorts sets, and pants sets. Shoppers are impressed with the value Ekouaer offers: a massive inventory of top-quality sleepwear at down-to-earth price points — and many of them double as maternity pajamas, so you get a real bang for your buck!

If a new set of nursing pajamas are just what your night-feeding routine needs, check out our five best finds by Ekouaer on Amazon:

Best Nursing Nightgown


What looks like a cute design element on this Ekouaer 3 in 1 Nursing Dress is actually a clever flap you can easily unsnap for quick nursing access without having to lift up the entire nightgown. Because it’s meant for maternity, labor and nursing, it even has buttons down the front that let you check a C-section incision.

A billowy nightgown like this is perfect for accommodating a growing bump while offering the best freedom of movement in case pregnancy has you tossing and turning. It’s lightweight, buttery-soft and breathable for breezy night feedings.

Just take it from this nursing mom: “It is SO FLEXIBLE and so needed while breastfeeding or after a C-section where your tummy is so tender…It is A MUST for moms who are breastfeeding..especially at night time where you get tired, grumpy and just need easy access to feed your baby while you are half asleep.”

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Best Pajama T-Shirt and Shorts Set


A shorts set might be the nursing pajama pick for you if you tend to sleep hot — or simply because there’s a warm season on the horizon. When you factor in the body heat that’s bound to pass through you and your baby during each feeding, a set that’s on the lighter side starts to sound even more appealing. 

Ekouaer’s Pajamas Set for maternity, delivery and nursing is a trifecta of new-mom sleepwear glory. The soft two-piece comes with shorts that feature an adjustable stretchy waistband to see you through the entire journey and a T-shirt that bears a double collar you can just pull down when you’re ready to nurse. The entire thing is made of such a soft, breathable rayon blend that you’ll never break a sweat, even in the heart of summer. “My favorite loungewear post partum! So convenient for middle of the night nursing sessions. Would buy again in a heartbeat,” one mom wrote.

Best Pajama Tank and Shorts Set


Shorts and tank girl? Do we have the Ekouaer nursing pajamas for you! This extra flow-y sleeveless top hides an inconspicuous double-layer fabric panel that opens easily when your baby is ready to nurse. A pair of cozy shorts expand and adjust to see you through from pregnancy to breastfeeding.

This set comes in six solid-colored matching sets or seven floral shorts options to complement a solid-colored top. It’s definitely one of the most stylish nursing pajamas set we’ve seen on Amazon, and shoppers appreciate that it also has pockets for those late-night nursery runs. “I’m in LOVE! I never want to take them off. So soft, so comfortable & very convenient. I highly suggest them for all breastfeeding mamas!” one fan raved.

Best Pajama Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants Set


The ultimate cuddle-friendly nursing pajamas do exist, and they’re called the Ekouaer Maternity & Nursing Thermal Underwear Set. The warm, cozy set, best for cooler months and climates, is comforting for you and your wee one.

The toasty top has a hidden nursing panel on the side that you can pull open while staying snug on chilly nights when baring skin sounds, well, unbearable! The thermal jammy pants have extender buttons all along the elastic waistband, so they expand and contract with you. This shopper is smitten: “A lot of my pumping clothes were wrap tops from Amazon that are loose and open, so it gets chilly, especially in the middle of the night. This set of PJs is thin but has better coverage, so it’s warmer overall and is very comfortable and flattering. It’s perfect for pumping, so I bought two sets.”

Best Pajama T-Shirt and Pants Set


This Ekouaer maternity and nursing combo set is ideal if you like a pair of snuggly pajamas but don’t want to overheat while you sleep. They’re lightweight with full-length pants and a short-sleeved top featuring a pull-away side panel for feedings. Nothing overly fancy about these — although those pants, of course, have an adjustable waist — so they might just become your go-to everyday PJs well beyond your nursing days!

They come in almost two dozen solid and solid/floral options, are incredibly soft and stretchy, and, according to Amazon shoppers, are an absolute no-brainer for nursing moms. One reviewer wrote, “Ok these are the best pajamas I’ve ever owned. I’m 1 week postpartum and going through nursing growing pains, and these pj’s are exactly what I needed. They are so soft, fit extremely well, and look classy…I’m buying all the colors now.”

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