12 Gifts for the Mom Expecting Her 2nd (or 6th) Child

Finding the perfect gift for a mom who’s expecting her second (or third or fourth or — *gulp* — fifth or more) child can be tough. She probably already has all the newborn necessities, like a crib and a high chair and whatnot, plus a million other things she never really needed in the first place. She’ll most likely have boxes of baby clothes at the ready for the new arrival. And with yet another child in the house taking up all the space with its tiny body, she won’t thank you for duplicate items — or really anything that’s not pulling its weight in terms of making her life easier.

That said, you don’t have to go for a practical gift as long as you think outside the box and get her something special (and not-too-space-consuming) that reflects her growing family. Here are 12 ideas to inspire you when shopping for the mom who has everything — and is parenting seemingly everyone.

A version of this article was originally published in November 2018. 

Fancy, Cozy Bedding

When you’re a very new mom, chances are you spend a lot of time in bed/on the couch — whether that’s healing from vaginal or C-section birth or just plain holding/feeding/rocking your new sleepy baby seemingly nonstop. And if you’ve also got other tots to chase around the house? That can make your solo bed/couch time with the newborn feel extra-precious. Make it feel luxurious too with a knit throw that’s fancy and cozy all at once.

Essential throw in gray, $79 at Burrow

Luxury Skin Care

A new mom probably won't expect to unwrap a top-of-the-range luxury skin care product, which is exactly why you should consider it. Me-time might be at a minimum when she's got a bunch of kids to deal with 24-7, so she'll treasure a few minutes at the end of the day to take a breath and nourish her skin. 

Sunday Riley Juno essential face oil (1 ounce), $90 at Nordstrom

Diaper Bundle

Mom might have a lot of baby equipment already, but what she'll definitely need for the new arrival are diapers, diapers and more diapers. Give her the gift of no diaper stress ever by organizing a diaper bundle subscription from a company like Parasol, The Honest Company or IncrediBundles.com. 

Essential diaper kit for baby and mom (diapers/wipes for baby plus pads and wipes for mom), $14 per box at Parasol Diaper bundle, $79.95 per bundle at The Honest CompanyThree- to 12-month diaper subscription, $199 – $719 at IncrediBundles.com 

Diaper Caddy

A storage caddy will help keep all those diapers and other changing essentials in one mobile place. Go one step further and fill the caddy for Mom — it's the new-parent equivalent of a holiday gift basket. 

Trend Lab dove gray chevron storage caddy, $17.12 at Amazon

Beauty Box Subscription

The more kids you have, the harder it is to find the time to apply mascara, let alone stay on top of the latest beauty innovations. A beauty box subscription with samples that are delivered to her door every month is a treat that's just for her. Hands off, kids. 

Monthly subscription, $10 at Birchbox

Digital Photo Display

A streaming display photo frame is the perfect way to show off all those snaps and video footage of the new baby, their parents and older siblings, and it takes up far less room than a bunch of traditional photo frames. 

Hi-resolution digital photo and HD video frame, $129.99 at Amazon

Birthstone Necklace

A necklace with her kids' initials and birthstones on it is the perfect personalized touch — and takes up virtually no space in her house. 

Personalized birthstone necklace, $14.50 and up at LaLaCrystal 

White Noise Machine

It's hard to believe when you live in a house of noisy kids, but lots of babies find the world too quiet. A white noise machine makes constant, repetitive sounds very similar to what a baby is used to in the womb (mom's voice, breath, heartbeat, blood flow, etc.). And anything that helps a baby sleep is the best gift in the world, right? Choose from Ollie the Owl, Bella the Bunny or Benji the Bear. 

SoundBub white noise machine and Bluetooth speaker, $29.99 at WavHello

Personalized Baby Clothes

The new baby deserves some unique threads of their own among all the inevitable hand-me-downs, and what's not to love about a Dirty Dancing-inspired personalized onesie? 

Custom onesie, $27.16 at NappyHeadGB/Etsy

Zoo Membership

A yearlong zoo or aquarium membership is a gift the whole family can enjoy. Or someone else can take all the kids and let Mom sleep.

Family standard annual membership, $116 at the Cincinnati Zoo

Baby Monitor

When parents need to keep an eye on more than one young child, a two-camera baby monitor is the answer. This one has a two-way talkback system, which (hopefully) lets parents comfort their baby or toddler with their voice, all without leaving the sofa.

Babysense video baby monitor with two digital cameras, $99.99 at Amazon

Baby Milestone Cards

Help parents remember to take photos of the new arrival (it's a universal parenting truth that nobody gets as much camera time as baby No. 1) with a cute set of baby milestone cards. 

Woodland Collection baby milestone cards, $26.30 at BlossomAndPear/Etsy

Personalized Family Art

Sure, you could buy her a session at a local photography studio for a family portrait — and risk making her feel guilty for the next six months because she keeps forgetting to book it or just doesn't have the time or energy to make it happen. Or you could gift her a sweet family print that doesn't require everyone to have clean faces and smile on cue. 

Personalized family print, $29 and up at Posterhaste

Splurge Gift

Mom might have all the newborn essentials she needs, but she might also have her eye on a new splurge item she really wants — but isn't sure she could justify buying — like a new baby carrier. There's nothing wrong with asking her what she wants and buying it for her. She'll love you forever.  

LílléBaby Complete all-seasons six-in-one baby carrier, $139.99 at Amazon

Matching Sibling Outfits

You can't go wrong with a cute matching outfit for the new baby and their older sibling(s). 

Big brother-little brother set, $32.50 at GlitterCollections/Etsy

Toy Storage

The more kids you have, the more storage you need. Do a little detective work to figure out what the family can accommodate — a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit might not be appreciated if space is already tight — and choose accordingly. It's always a good idea to go for a sturdy, multipurpose unit with removable bins. 

Delta Children deluxe multi-bin toy organizer with storage bins, $32.50 at Amazon

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