Your September Sex Horoscope Is Here, And You're About To Have Some Major Epiphanies

The warmer weather is officially on-setting (hello, #hotgirlsummer), but for now, you just want to take your love life to the next level. The stars have aligned for you.

When Mercury and Venus shift into Libra around the 14th, you’ll want to spend time cosying up with your S.O. But the full moon on the 14th makes you feel a little stubborn. You want what you want when you want it—why is that so hard to understand?

The new moon on the 28th makes you ready to focus on what makes you feel good, so bust out the good lingerie, even if you’re just wearing it for you. Around the same time, you’ll be ready for a new start in your connections, whether it’s finding a new hookup or relationship, or finding fresh ways to bond with your current flame.

Here’s what else is in store for your sign this month, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta.


You’ll have some serious Qs about your love life this month, Aries. When Venus and Mercury move into Libra around the 14th, you’ll question whether you’re in the right relationship for you. Do you feel happy and fulfilled, or is there room for improvement?

If you’re single, you’ll have a solid think on whether you want to be in a relationship or not. Figure it out fast, because somebody new and interesting is about to enter your orbit. If you’re already coupled up, the universe will send you some good communication vibes to help you work through any issues you might be facing.

That doubles down on the 28th with the new moon, which is a super-strong time for being in a relationship. Grab your S.O., get out, and have some sexy couple time together. It’ll go further than you think.


Your love life is running pretty smoothly right now, Taurus, but you’ll find yourself making some little tweaks to things in the first few weeks of the month to get your relationship to perfection level. Single? The full moon on the 14th is in your house of friendship, making it a great time to meet someone new through a buddy.

The new moon on the 28th lights a spark for you on creating a good, healthy routine in your relationship. You’ll work hard to find a balance between your career and sex life. Spend some time on this one. Figuring out your sweet spot will pay off big time.


Life has a funny way of making things unsexy, but by the weekend of the 14th, you and your S.O. will be ready to just let loose. Take a weekend road trip, go out for ice cream, or sign up for a cool class together. As long as you’re relaxing and having a great time, it’ll be all good. If you’re single, this is a really good time to meet someone new (and, btw, don’t say no to friends who want to set you up on a blind date).

You’ll get super busy when the Sun moves into Libra on the 23rd, but make sure you make some solid time to connect with your partner during the chaos. Turn off your phones, slip between the sheets, and just let things flow.


Your partner can’t read your mind, Cancer, which is why it’s so crucial that you say exactly what’s happening in your head—and use specifics. Their new move isn’t it for you in bed? Spell it out, and offer up a new suggestion. The full moon on the 14th is a great time to get away together, so start checking out Airbnbs now.

Saturn moves direct on the 18th in a part of your chart about relationships, making this a great time to think about what you can do to bring more harmony and fulfilment into your relationship. If you’re single, Saturn moving direct can make you question what you’re hoping for in your next relationship. Do you really need a dead-ringer for Joe Jonas, or do you just need someone with an amazing sense of humour? Think about it, because someone new is coming into your orbit soon.


It’s time to listen to your gut, Leo, and that’s especially true in the bedroom. The full moon on the 14th is in a sector of your chart about intuition and sex, making it the perfect time to just go with things in bed. You’ll form a real connection with your partner by following your instincts, so don’t second-guess yourself once things get going.

Venus and Mercury move into a sector of your chart about communication around the 14th, making it a great time to kick back with your S.O. and a glass of wine, and just talk. Single? Keep your eyes open when Saturn goes direct on the 18th. You’ll meet someone new and exciting while you’re running errands.


Being in a relationship is great and all, but sometimes you’ve just got to do your thing. This month, you’ll be all about the balance between doing you and also having time for your S.O. You’ll also be more assertive about asking for what you want. See someone cute in line at Starbucks? Why wouldn’t you strike up a convo?

The full moon on the 14th makes you wonder about what your ideal relationship would look like—and whether you’re in it now. Saturn goes direct on the 18th in a sector of your chart about romance and love affairs. Suddenly, you’re very aware of the areas of your love life that could use some improvement. But at the same time, you’ll also figure out what you can and can’t tolerate. Don’t be afraid to speak up during this time. You and your partner can work through issues together.


It’s great to be out with your partner, but sometimes you just need a little QT together. That time is now, thanks to Venus in a sector of your chart about retreating. Take a day trip with your S.O. or just spend a few hours cuddling in bed. Doing your own thing together will only help bring you closer as a couple.

Everything switches up on the 14th, when you’ll want to get out more. Suddenly, you’ll be more assertive and ready to go after what you want. That hot guy sitting alone at the bar? Yeah, send him a drink. When the Sun moves into Libra on the 23rd, you’ll be more open and confident in your love life. Go with it—only good stuff can come from that vibe.


There are certain things in life that need to be taken care of, like laundry, groceries, and cleaning. But really, that’s the opposite of sexy. Luckily, the full moon on the 14th is in your house of romance and dating, making you ready to ditch your responsibilities, grab your S.O., and get away. If you’re single, try to keep your eyes open. Someone out there is lusting after you—you just don’t realise it right now.

Saturn moves direct on the 18th in a sector of your chart about communication, so be straight with your partner. You might regret it in the long run if you’re not clear on your needs right now.


Grab your honey and kick back this month, Sag—you’re more than ready to take a break together. That’s especially true around the 14th, when you’ll crave a solid Netflix and chill session. If you can, start planning a trip to someplace that feels super nourishing to you. Maybe it’s where you took your first vacation together, or that little town you’ve both talked about visiting. Whatever it is, taking a trip (or even just planning one) will feel super rejuvenating to your relationship.

Single? Heads up: Somebody at work as their eye on you. A little flirting is harmless, but take a solid think about where you want to take things before you act on something more serious.


Ooh, Capricorn: Your S.O. is about to surprise you with a getaway, thanks to Venus hanging out in your house of travel. You might be in store for a weekend away or just a fun, out of the ordinary Saturday night. Whatever it is, it’ll be amazing. The full moon on the 14th is in your house of communication, making you ready to open up about your feelings. Don’t be afraid to talk things out with your partner or someone you’ve had your eye on—it’ll ultimately bring you closer.

When Saturn moves direct on the 18th, you’ll start to think about whether your relationship is where you want it to be. If not, what are you going to do about it?


When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it’s easy to just cruise. But you’ll have some Qs this month. How much are you actually sharing with your partner, and how much more can you open up? You’ll also renegotiate what you’re doing for each other. Sure, you have no problem doling out back rubs at home, but you’d better get them in return. You’ll also feel a strong push and pull between being in a relationship and having your own independence. And if your partner isn’t cool with you doing your own thing as much as you’d like, it’s time for a talk.

Single? The full moon on the 14th reminds you to keep things in balance. Sure, it’s nice when someone else picks up the check on a first date, but that goes both ways…


The month kicks off with four planets in your house of partnership, making it a super strong time to make sure your relationship is where it should be. The full moon on the 14th is in your sign, and it’s kind of a BFD. It’ll showcase where you’ve gone right (and wrong) in love in the past and help you figure out what you need to do to make positive changes in the future.

Around the middle of the month, several planets move into Libra in your house of intimacy and intuition. Follow your gut when it comes to sussing out a new flame. Sometimes things aren’t always what they seem. Cozy up with someone special around the 28th—it’s a good time to get close.

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