Wife suffered from 17.5 kg severe liver – The largest cysts of the liver in Europe

Liver became Unbearable: OP freed woman of pain

A woman suffered from a 17.5 kg severe liver. It was the largest known cysts of the liver in Europe. A 34-year-old Austrian, the belly arched, as you would with triplets pregnant – over the years. She suffered because her liver was growing to 17.5 kg. Now, away surgeons this is the largest so far known in Europe cysts of the liver.

What is a cysts liver?

Cysts liver is the Name for a malformation of the liver. Fluid-filled cavities of the cysts, rooms, prevail the organ of detoxification. Cysts fall under the benign tumors.

In the case of a cyst liver with fluid-filled cavities form,
the Organ may enlarge so that it fills the entire abdominal cavity. Shortness of breath,
Disorders of other organs such as intestine and stomach and limited movement are the consequences.
In the extreme case, only a liver transplant can help.
(Liver pain). (Image: Adiano/fotolia.com)

How often a cysts liver?

In contrast to the commonly occurring uncomplicated hepatic cyst that forms in the liver, cysts liver, rarely – but it is a serious disease, mostly women of 40 years suffer from upward.

What are the causes?

The cysts of the liver is said to have primarily genetic causes, but can also appear sporadically. Most common cause is a preceding autosomal-dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD). It is a systemic disease, which also skips to the liver. Three-quarters of all those Affected by ADPKD have a cystic disease of the liver.

The polycystic liver disease

Not all, of the developing cysts of the liver, suffer from genetically-characterized ADPKD. There is also an independent phenomenon of polycystic liver disease (PCLD), which is also genetic. Here, mutations on chromosome 19, locus p13.2-p13.1 or on chromosome 6, locus 21. Less than one out of 10,000 people suffered from it.

Symptoms of giant liver

The affected Austrian suffered over the years, shortness of breath, feeling of pressure and pain in the upper abdomen, the cyst was pressing on other organs such as the stomach and intestines. The diseased liver is filled in completely your abdomen. Muscle atrophy was added. Due to the voluminous ball in their belly, they could get dressed.

Patient knew since 2005 know

2005 recognized medicine internal cavities in the affected liver.The woman was given drugs that did not help.


In your case, there was no Alternative: in 2018, you finally decided to the only last option and underwent a liver transplant. Such a transplant is today still difficult, but not with such extreme risks, such as a few decades ago.

40 pounds lighter

By the Operation, the Affected lost 40 kilograms in weight. Had the 17, 5 kilos of cysts of the liver are many additional kilograms jammed by water, which had collected as a result of the disease in the abdominal cavity.

A new life

Half a year after the happy termination of the Operation, the Affected can return to work. Physically, she is much better than before. The only restriction: you do not need to take life-long medication, of the body rejecting the foreign tissue. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)