Use of E-cigarettes increases risk for heart attacks and depression

E-cigarettes are more harmful than normal cigarettes?

A recent American study suggests that the use of E-cigarettes linked to an increased risk for the development of heart attacks. In addition, Affected seem to suffer more frequently from depression.

The scientists from the University of Kansas found in their current study that the use of E-cigarettes may lead to increased Rates of heart attacks and depression, compared with people who do not use E-cigarettes. The experts publish the results of their study at this year’s Meeting of the American College of Cardiology on 18. March 2019.

Doctors to clarify now about the dangers of the use of E-cigarettes. (Image: tibanna79/

Increased risks posed by E-cigarettes

Use of E-cigarettes leads According to the study, the frequency of occurring of heart attacks increased by 34 percent, and 25 percent more likely to have a heart disease occurs and people are 55 percent more likely to have depression or anxiety suffer from conditions. These associations are to be met, even if other cardiovascular risk factors such as age, high cholesterol, blood pressure, gender, Smoking and Body Mass Index taken into account. The study could not be accurately determined whether the increased risk of cigarettes was already before the use of E-exist, or whether the risk is created directly by the inhaled substances, explain the doctors. So far, on cardiovascular events in connection with the use of E-cigarettes is known, adds study author Dr. Mohinder Vindhyal from the University of Kansas. The researchers see in their results a Wake-up call and call for more attention to the dangers posed by E-cigarettes. If the risk of a heart attack among the users of E-cigarettes does not increase in comparison to smokers by up to 34 percent, it is not recommended that people use such products, the experts advise.

Effects of cigarette Smoking is much worse

For the study, the data of a total of 96.467 subjects of the so-called National Health Interview Survey were analyzed. This was a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Traditional cigarette smokers had to develop a much higher probability of a heart attack (165 percent), a disease of the coronary artery (94 percent) and stroke (78 percent), compared with non-Smoking people. Besides, the smoke had subjects also more likely to have a elevated blood pressure, Diabetes, circulatory disorders, and depression or anxiety. Smoking cigarettes can lead to a much higher risk for heart attacks and strokes as E-cigarettes, this did not mean, however, that the use of E-cigarettes healthy or safe, say the scientists. E-cigarettes can be quite toxic Compounds. More specifically, was that, regardless of the number of times someone every day or only on some days, E-cigarettes, are still at an increased risk for a heart attack or a disease of the coronary arteries occurred.

Flavors modify the existing risks

The results supported previous research related to the effects of E-cigarettes, suggesting that the use of health E-cigarettes could be more harmful than previously thought. The increased risk mainly depends on the in the E-cigarettes used flavors. This can damage the lungs strong and even a pneumonia trigger. Contained by the flavors could result in a short-term use of E-cigarettes to major damage, which might be even larger than in the smoke from regular cigarettes, speculate the experts. (as)