This is how often you should wash your pyjamas

For those of us who are put together enough to wear pyjamas to bed, instead of being lazy and stripping off, there’s an important question.

How often should you be washing your PJs?

We’re going to make an educated guess and say you’re (probably) not doing it frequently enough, considering some people only change their bedding once a year.

PJs aren’t in the same category as single-use underwear, but they aren’t like that knitted jumper you try to avoid washing either.

So, what’s the optimal washing frequency?

Well women’s luxury loungewear experts, Pretty You London said that our favourite pyjamas are an ideal breeding ground for germs. Ew.

‘Pyjamas are the only intimate clothing we wear on a regular basis, with many people wearing them as the only layer and without underwear beneath,’ a spokesperson said.

‘This closeness to our skin and other parts of our bodies for 6 to 8 hours per night under bedding makes them an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and other germs.’

So how often do we need to give our favourite PJs a wash?

‘There really is no one rule that fits everyone with situations like this. But in our opinion, we believe that if you are wearing pyjamas to sleep in then it is acceptable to wear them for three to four nights before needing to wash them,’ said Pretty You.

‘If you are only putting your pyjamas on after getting in the shower or a bath before going to bed then you may be able to wear them for five to seven days before needing to wash them.’

‘If you wear different sets of pyjamas for different parts of the day and for only short periods of time than it really comes down to a judgement call of when you should be washing them, but we would always advise as a good rule of thumb is once per week.’

How can you figure out when its best for you to give those PJ sets a wash?

Pretty You London put together a collection of questions to ask yourself to determine how often you should wash your pyjamas.

Do you sweat a lot? 

It’s nothing to be ashamed of – sometimes you just get sweaty. Especially if you’re super cosy in your favourite PJ set.

‘If you are prone to sweating then it’s likely that you may need to wash your pyjamas longer than others.

‘As well as this, consider how much contact you have from your skin to the pyjama if you are sweating as that will impact how often you need to wash them as well.’

Do you plan on wearing them to bed? 

If you’re going to eat, sleep, work, repeat in them, then they’re going to need a wash more often.

‘If you choose to wear the same pair of pyjamas that you are relaxing in through the evening and then wearing them to bed you will need to wash them after every use as it’s very likely there will be naturally occurring body oils, perspiration and bacteria beginning to build up.’

Do you work from home? 

‘If you work from home regularly, there is a high chance that you choose to wear loungewear/ pyjamas as your outfit of choice throughout the day as you are wanting to remain comfortable – and getting out of the clothes that you went to sleep in helps differentiate your day.

‘If this is the case, then we would recommend three to four wears before needing to wash them if you are wearing them on average seven to eight hours during the working day.’

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