This Is Exactly What Robyn Lawley Eats In A Day

She’s one of the most celebrated faces in the country, fronting campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Barneys and H&M. She was even the first curvy model to be a Sports Illustrated ‘Rookie’ and grace the cover of Aussie Vogue. Impressive? Yup. But there’s so much more to Robyn Lawley than meets the eye. We spoke to the doting mum about fitness, French food and why she refuses to conform to traditional fashion standards.

Let’s talk workouts. What does your weekly routine look like?

My weeks vary so greatly I go with the flow. When I’m in Sydney I’ll drop into yoga classes and workout with my PT. In New York, I’ll do the occasional soul cycle or yoga and a lot of walking and hikes. I love kickboxing, but I do it in small doses – my hands and legs get very bruised from it.

What does exercise do for you?

I need exercise. I grew up playing every sport I could, it does so much for my self-esteem, both emotionally and physically.

Do you have a food philosophy?

Don’t skip on quality. I try to eat like the French. I eat as local as I can (including growing some of my own vegetables). I try to avoid ‘fake’ food or sugar-free or fat-free, it tastes like garbage to me. I like my decadent dishes, and if I want a piece of chocolate, I’m going to have a piece of chocolate.

Take us through your day on a plate… 

When I’m travelling, I’m on the go so I tend to eat on the run. When I’m home I love to cook, my ideal day would be egg scramble with veggies and avocado and a sandwich or toastie for lunch and dinner. I love sushi or baked veggies, lasagne, pie or a stew.

What’s the one thing you never fail to do for your body each day?

Put face cream and oil on my body.

How has your feelings towards your body changed since becoming a mum?

I’m actually more relaxed about my body. My stretch marks don’t bother me at all, I re-fell in love with my height. Seeing how important it is to embrace one’s self in front of your child helped me realize, negative thoughts, is just time wasted. Instead, go enjoy yourself and don’t hold yourself back. 5kgs is never going to make a difference.

When do you feel most confident?

I feel confident on the catwalk and THE ICONIC 2018 Swim Show has been one of the most memorable to date. It was a complete celebration of body diversity. I think I’ve been waiting for this kind of or representation since the beginning of my career. It felt so empowering walking the runway with such a diverse line-up of models. There was something for everyone…different heights, ages, sizes, ethnicities.

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You’ve been open about your battle with lupus and aps in the past. What’s the reaction been like? 

It’s nice hearing from fans about it. A lot of them are thankful that a light has been shed on something they’re battling often in secret. I just hope bringing more awareness brings a cure.

You recently announced your plans to boycott the Victoria’s Secret show. What inspired you to speak out? 

Every year this big hype comes from before and after the show and every year I’m left feeling disappointed. I decided to speak out when I heard that these women were labelled the most beautiful in the world and yet are all killing themselves to be as skinny as they can be with no regards to who’s watching (young impressionable women and men). Who said you can’t be the most beautiful at a size 14?

What do you know now that you wish you did 10 years ago?


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