This Is Exactly What Kayla Itsines Eats In A Day


“If I wake up bloated, I’ll go for a walk first thing. Then I’ll drink heaps of water during the day and brew a chamomile, fennel and liquorice tea – not one of those teas that make you go to the toilet, but one that calms your stomach. My go-to brand is T2.”


“Breakfast is scrambled eggs and spinach, then, if I need to snack, I’ll have tinned tuna-topped crackers.

At lunchtime, I’ll pick up some freshly made Vietnamese chicken summer rolls. A favourite dinner right now is rice, grilled fish, pak choi and asparagus with lemon, olive oil, chilli and garlic.”

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Your FIRST ever workout session – You either get a rush of confidence and power … or you feel absolutely exhausted and want to sleep! The next two days/ week are the hardest. You are sore in places you have never been sore in before, you don’t know if you have injured yourself or if the pain is normal … and you have no idea when you will walk properly again. You have no motivation to do ANOTHER session like that because your muscles are just TOO sore! You tell yourself “I’ll start again Monday” and maybe you do … or maybe you are still feeling sore an unmotivated and you tell yourself “another day”. ☀️Can I just say ladies, this is TOTALLY normal. Totally – 100% – NORMAL. It’s normal to feel sore, demotivated, confused and frustrated! The first session is ALWAYS a shock – whether is good or bad. If it makes you feel better, no matter how long you have been training for, no matter how fit you are, no matter how well you eat …. you can STILL get sore, you can still be puffed out, you can still feel unmotivated and you can still have a bad day of eating. No one is perfect. We are ALL learning just as you are. All fitness levels, all different body types, from all different places in the world … we are doing this together.. and everything you say, everything you feel – is normal… and it DOES get better – you get better. Keep at it ladies! You got this.

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“I love using machines in the gym. If I had a favourite move, it’d probably be a seated back row, facing forwards. You’ll usually find me wearing Alo Yoga’s beautiful kit and Brooks trainers, which are the most comfortable and supportive.”


“I’ve only found a routine that works for my acne-prone skin after a lot of trial and error – including burning my skin with daily salicylic acid peels and squeezing my pimples. Now, I use SkinCeuticals and Medik8 products, a daily SPF and only exfoliate once a week. And I don’t wear any make-up during the day.”


“I’ve inherited female pattern baldness, so I have to look after my hair. I dye it, but I offset this by using quality shampoos and conditioners, like the all-natural brand BondiBoost.”

This article originally appeared in the February issue of Women’s Health.

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