Therapist shows what it's like to read when you have dyslexia in clever video

A therapist has shared a video that shows exactly what it’s like trying to read when you have dyslexia.

Lindsay Fleming, a licensed therapist for children and teens, posted the clip on TikTok, in which you can try to read a passage of text made up of muddled letters and words.

The point of the video is to highlight the challenges faced everyday by students and young people who struggle with the condition.

‘Have you ever wondered what it’s like for someone to read who is dyslexic in a classroom?’ asks Lindsay on the video.

‘Well, I’m a licensed therapist and I have a challenge for you to find out what it’s like. So, what I want you to do is try to read this that’s above me. That’s what it’s like.’

Lindsay adds that people with dyslexia are on a ‘spectrum’ – with some people having more severe versions of the disorders than others.

The video, which has been watched more than 68,000 times, shows the letters in the passage of text move and change, making many of the words impossible to read.

In the comments, Lindsay added that people with dyslexia often say their eyes skip over lines.

Many people reacted in the comments of the social media post explaining just how hard it was to read the text, and their shock that this was the reality for many people with the learning condition.

While other people who actually have dyslexia said they were happy that their experiences were finally being highlighted.

‘Thank you for sharing this and giving me a better understanding! It’s important for people to see things from others’ perspectives,’ said one.

Another added: ‘As a dyslexic I love that this is being spread to help with awareness. I could never explain it correctly to people.’

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