The Woman Behind That Gorilla Glue Video Has Now Launched Haircare Products

We’ve all seen the video: a panicked Tessica Brown – otherwise known simply as “Gorilla Glue Girl” – stares into a camera with widened eyes, her hands gliding over her scalp thanks to the glue she used to pin down those flyaways. If you’ve ever been in a pinch for hairspray and considered using an alternative, it was enough to make you reconsider your hairstyle and come to celebrate those loose strands that otherwise seemed so annoying. After using Gorilla Glue adhesive in place of hairspray, Tessica’s hair didn’t move. Like some kind of helmet, not even rigorous applications of shampoo, oils and topical treatments could get it out – despite Tessica washing her hair 15 times. 

The video went viral and naturally, feeling the pain of this woman, we became invested in her story. After going to the ER to see if anything could be done to save her hair, it wasn’t until a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon offered to help that finally, her hair was saved. The procedure saw a medical grade adhesive remover applied to her hair while Tessica lay on an operating room table. After close to four hours, finally her hair came undone. Now, in an effort to save anyone else from making the same dire mistake, Tessica is launching her own range of haircare products, known as Forever Hair. 

The range will feature a hairspray called Forever Hold, an unsubtle nod to her online infamy. The collection also includes a growth-stimulating oil and a range of merchandise including a t-shirt featuring a screen grab from her viral video and the logo “Bonded For Life.”

It’s a savvy move for the day care worker. After applying Gorilla Glue to her hair, Tessica says it stayed in its fixed position for a month and in the clip that went viral, she warned, “bad bad bad idea…my hair don’t move.” The video has come to be watched almost seven million Tims on TikTok and even saw Tessica gain famous supporters in the likes of Missy Elliott, Chance the Rapper and Roxane Gay who asked in a Tweet: “has she tried nail polish remover?” Still, Tessica never intended for the video to go viral and admitted that she only took things to social media because she had run out of options and didn’t know what to do. As she told Entertainment Tonight, “I didn’t think for one second when I got up the next morning it was gonna be everywhere.”

Though the incident caused Tessica to lose some hair and have scalp damage, her new range promises hair-stimulating products that have been developed with professionals. “I need this oil to heal my scalp, to help grow my hair back,” Tessica explained. “Look at the results, look at my hair. My scalp feels amazing, my hair is already growing back. I’m telling you, this oil has been a lifesaver.”

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