The Sport case: Why people are getting fatter, even though you exercise

Anyone who wants to lose weight, you should not round solely on his Jogging or workout in the gym to leave. A study has shown that the body fat can increase in more sports even, if eating habits change.

Many people who want to lose weight, buy yourself new sneakers. Because exercise burns known to energy. This energy is to get the body from the fat cells. So, a Lot of sports, a lot of fat melt, less weight, better figure. Unfortunately, this milk maid is not true invoice.

Scientists from the Institute of nutrition & Health promotion Arizona State University have investigated in a study, what are the effects of regular exercise for weight loss.

They were 81 significantly overweight women between the ages of 25 and 40, who had so far not done sports for three months, three times a week for 30 minutes each on a treadmill for a workout. The Sport took place under the supervision. On the diet, the women had to change nothing.

Unfortunately, wrong: The more fat, the better the weight loss success

The researchers of the study Director Glenn A. Gaesser assumed that the women with the highest percentage of body fat by endurance training the most would lose fat. And that you could close from the beginning be made on the final result. Previous studies with slimming programs that include a change in Diet, had laid out these findings.

55 of the 81 women rose

The sobering result after twelve weeks looked, however, The treadmill Training resulted in a total of only a minimum loss of grease paint, fluctuated with the results from woman to woman. And: After twelve weeks, many of the subjects have had built up inside even more body fat than previously: 55 women had in the weeks of training, at least a little body fat.

The Gaesser Team has not investigated the reasons for this, but suspects that these study participants have eaten after the sporting exertion. The “compensators” (from the English "Ersatz" or "Ausgleich" derived) designated subjects to have given her a bigger appetite, or had the feeling of: after the Sport larger portions are okay.

Calorie consumption by exercise is overrated

It plays a role in that the calories burned by exercise is usually overestimated: The 30 minutes on the treadmill would consume 350 calories. This is just a chocolate bar.


The result confirms a realization that Sport alone can achieve in losing weight is nothing – at least, if someone was previously untrained. The German society for sports medicine called some time ago a startling number: Untrained would have to go per week 56 kilometers briskly walk to half a kilogram of fat to reduce.

With sports on a diet is more effective

Exercise can help you lose weight, if the diet change and reduced calorie. The diet works better and faster. Once enough muscles are built up, is consumed at sports so much energy, that the body fat degrades. And the intent of the “slim” can play to remain a Sport then its whole effect.

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Something Positive had to study for the 81 subjects, however, but In all the Fitness and General health was improved after that – after all, the regular Sport has managed.