The Side Effect Of Celery Juice That Turned Jessica Alba Off It For Good

If we had a dollar for every ailment celery juice allegedly cures, we’d have enough mula to buy a lifetime supply of the stuff. Which is why every A-lister with an Insta account is singing its praises right now, much to the despair of actual experts who say it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Oh, and Jessica Alba.

After downing the magical elixir on an empty stomach each morning (as per the Medical Medium’s advice) the 37-year-old began experiencing a very *unpleasant* side effect.

“I tried celery juicing and it empties your bowels in a very violent way all day long,” she explained in an interview with Health. “I like things that taste good, and that just doesn’t taste good.”

The experience taught the mum-of-three to abide by what her body wants and needs, not necessarily by what’s trending with the masses.

“Wellness is all about checking in,” she added. “Some days I need to go in my room and read a book for an hour and put a face mask on. Other days I need to wake up at 5.15am and get a spin class in to feel good – even though I hate waking up early.”

And, just when we thought the girl couldn’t get more authentic, she admitted she struggles to stay motivated too.

“I hate working out with a passion. It’s hard to motivate myself, but it’s like medicine and makes me feel mentally better. If I can constantly work out four to five days a week, I feel like the edge is taken off.”

God, we love you Jess.

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