The Hand-rules: these are the perfect portion sizes for their food – Video

When a Serving is sufficient, and when too large, especially hungry people can appreciate bad. British researchers have now developed a model that makes it possible for everyone, portion sizes. All you need are two hands.

If you’re hungry, does not respect necessarily the size of his Portion. British researchers are convinced that this behavior contributes to the fact that more and more people are overweight.

You have in mind, therefore, is a System that makes it easier for the people, the right portion sizes, to assess with a simple tool: their hands.

The researchers divide the food into a kind of cake. Consequently, every person should take daily five or more servings of fruits and vegetables, three to four servings of carbohydrates, two to three servings of proteins, two to three servings of milk products and alternatives and small amounts of unsaturated Oils and spreads.

The correct serving size can be read on your Hand

A Portion of meat or fish should be about no larger than a half a Hand. Also noodles with the method of the scientists to perfect portioning: you recommend 75 grams of pasta per Person, equivalent to two handfuls in the case of normal noodles or the circle between your index finger and thumb, so about a Euro coin, in the case of Spaghetti. A Portion of the popular type of cheese Brie, two thumb tips are the equivalent of according to the experts, about 30 grams, or 103 pounds of calories. A Serving of cereal for Breakfast may be a three handful, and a Serving of low-fat milk or milk alternative, which corresponds to half a glass.

For the information, the researchers of an average adult woman went out with a daily requirement of 2000 calories. Larger people might need something more, smaller people less calories. A detailed list of many of the foods you find on the Website of the British Nutrition Foundation.