Sweet treats for diabetics: What you can eat to satiate your sweet tooth

Here are a few sinless sweets for diabetics that can help you manage your dessert cravings.

Right after one is diagnosed with diabetes and high blood sugar, sweets are a strict no-no. In fact, when it comes to diabetes management, most people feel that they have to say goodbye to sugar forever. Desserts can be tricky when you live with diabetes but the zero sugar fix is not a sustainable one in the long-term. So, here are few sinless sweets as suggested by Dr Lovneet Batra, clinical nutritionist, Fortis La Femme, that can help you manage your cravings smartly when had in right amounts.


This delicious rice pudding uses milk as its base, which has been proven to be beneficial in regulating appetite and curbing hunger pangs. The ratio of proteins and fats to carbs help in slowing down the rate of sugar absorption and avoiding insulin spikes post consumption. You may substitute sugar with dates for added health benefits as it is rich in antioxidants, has extra fibre, iron and blood pressure lowering potassium.

Portion: 100g/1 cup

Fruit cream

The homemade healthy twist to ice cream with frozen milk and fruit tastes heavenly and it works too. Why? Because by mixing your own fruit, be it sweet mango or banana with milk you can eliminate empty calories from 15-20 grams refined sugar that is present in one scoop of ice cream. Seasonal fruits like mango when mixed with milk can cut the sugar cravings with added benefit of immunity boosting vitamin C and vitamin A that promotes healthy bones, skin and hair.

Portion: 1 scoop

Moong dal ka halwa

Lentils are diabetes superfood as they are loaded with complex carbohydrates that provide sustained energy for a longer period of time and magnesium that plays an important role in carb metabolism and can enhance insulin sensitivity. The traditional moong dal ka halwa recipe uses ghee as a cooking medium, which aides in digestion and gut health while bringing the glycemic level down. The trick here is to cook dal in ghee and milk to enhance natural sweetness and once cooked, add just one teaspoon raw sugar per serving.

Portion: 2 tablespoon

Amaranth Laddu

The pseudo cereal amaranth has strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties. It belongs to the same family as quinoa but only better as it is native to India. It is a good source of plant-based protein that can help with muscle recovery and iron that helps in reducing fatigue. The traditional recipe uses puffed amaranth, ghee and jaggery, which aids in reducing the glycemic level.

Portion size: 1 piece per 30 grams

Anjeer Barfi

Figs are a perfect blend of taste and health. Ficusin, an extract from fig can increase insulin sensitivity and has anti-diabetic properties. It is rich in fibre and calcium that supports bone health. Given its sweetness and binding texture, you can simply add almonds and pistachios to soaked figs to enjoy this treat without adding any other sweetener. This combination is rich in vitamin A and E, both strong antioxidants; and healthy fats that can induce satiety and curb further cravings.

Portion size: 2’’ piece per 30 grams

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