Stephen Fry and Bill Turnbull back prostate cancer ‘catch-up’ plan

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Some 58,000 males have started treatment for the disease in England since April 2020, but that is 14,000 fewer than would have usually been expected. The Covid crisis has wreaked havoc with cancer care.

Health chiefs are now urging men to use an online tool to check their risk and come forward if they have any concerns. 

The “catch-up” campaign is backed by comedian Stephen Fry and journalist Bill Turnbull, who have both experienced prostate cancer.

Stephen, who was diagnosed in 2017, said: “I’d urge you to check your risk and speak to your GP if you have any concerns ‑ even if you feel completely well, as I did.”

Bill, who was also diagnosed in 2017, said: “It’s understandable that people haven’t wanted to go to their GP during a pandemic. But the message is that the NHS is open and they want to see you.”

Adverts across TV, radio, print and social media will encourage men to use the Prostate Cancer UK’s 30-second online risk checker to learn about their risk level.

Nicola Tallett, acting chief executive at Prostate Cancer UK said: “The pandemic has meant thousands of men have not come forward for diagnosis and could be missing out on life-saving treatment. We are working to raise awareness.”

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