Sport in the Bio-rhythm: This is the best time to Exercise – Video

For early risers endurance sports is in the Morning, no Problem. Long sleepers, on the other hand only in the evening. The at risk but, in turn, a good night’s sleep. There are, however, a time of day that almost every person in the most efficient way.

The best training time for the Individual depends on the type and can vary greatly. There is a distinction between frühauf Stander (larks) and night hawkmoth (owls). While there are larks in the morning is easy from the springs to jump, owls are more active at Night and come in the morning difficult to get out of bed.

These individual differences can be very little re-training. That is why for some of the sports in the early morning light and for others, the blank Horror, as their efficiency is still very low in the Morning.

Cortisol levels can affect the performance of

Our Fitness varies in the same rhythm as our performance in the Job. A main reason for the cortisol levels, which in the morning is high, and in the course of the day is always more slimming. The hormone Cortiosol ensures that we are focused and fit.

In General, a peak between 16 and 19 o’clock is the physical Performance. The functions of the body running in high gear, the body is fully capable of. Pulse, blood pressure, breathing rate, muscle strength and dexterity to reach the maximum daily high. Accordingly, this time is also suitable for an intensive weight training or a strenuous cardio session. Best offer on

The body changes from performance to recovery

Against 21 o’clock, the efficiency drops, and the body changes from performance to recovery. Those who train late in the evening, still excessive, and the cycle back up to speed, A risk ( -) sleep problems.

Owls can also train in the evening, you are no longer active, since its activity curve is shifted to the rear. But you should always check if you can handle late-night sports sessions, or they have an impact on the quality of sleep.