Slack in bed: That’s what happens to your relationship if you have too little Sex

At the beginning of a relationship, you can often hardly touch each other and would love spending every Minute with the new Partner in bed. But the longer you are together, the less Sex have many pairs.

Up to a certain point this is normal and if both partners are happy, no Problem.

But if the love of the game moves further and further into the Background, and this dissatisfaction, is the Sexflaute a real threat to your relationship.

1. The passion disappears

Sex is much more than intercourse. It is about deep trust, and intimate touches and moments where you feel infinite proximity.

To sleep when you stop to each other, usually disappears also the desire for the other – and this is often the beginning of the end.

2. You will be distancing yourself

When Sex is increasingly distributed and Oxytocin. This hormone is also as a "Kuschelhormon" referred to, because it triggers a sense of intense proximity.

If you sleep with one another, missing this regular hormone boost, which can loosen the deep connection between the two of you.

3. You are unbalanced

Sex has a relaxing effect on the entire body and spirit. This is scientifically proven. Couples who sleep together regularly, reduce your stress level better and are more balanced.

This is important because Stress and anxiety are common reasons why couples come for little things to each other.

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4. The butterflies will be less

You know that feeling after Sex when you’re exposed totally and your Partner in love as on the first day? It is precisely this feeling of being forgotten if it is not refreshed by regular Sex again and again.

Don’t let your butterflies to be buried under the stones of everyday life.

5. You are more prone to side jumps

One preliminary point must be made clear: A Sexflaute is never an excuse for a fling!

Too little Sex is still frustrating – especially for the Partner who has a stronger Desire for it. Dissatisfaction in the current relationship and the need for close, of course, favor new acquaintances, who could fulfill this desire.

Mareike Kalbitz