Sarah Silverman Says Radiologist Used His Bare Hands to Apply Gel to Breasts at Cancer Screening

Sarah Silverman is speaking out about a bad experience she had while at a recent mammogram appointment.

On Wednesday, Silverman, 48, revealed she had to get a mammogram, x-ray and ultrasound because she has “dense breasts,” which is when a woman has more dense tissue than fatty tissue, making cancer screening more difficult.

When the radiologist went to prep Silverman for her ultrasound, he used his bare hands, the comedian claims: “He opened my gown and put gel on my breasts and smeared it around with his bare hands,” Silverman wrote on Instagram.

“Then he started talking to me about my chest X-ray (I also got a chest X-Ray) and was pontificating with my boobs just out and covered in gel and cold and finally I said ‘Hey can we either talk when I’m dressed or WHILE you’re doing the ultrasound? I’m not comfortable with my breasts out just shooting the s— with you,” Silverman alleged.

“He smears the gel on with his hands and NO GLOVES on and when he glides the ultrasound wand thing over my breasts he drags his fingers on them and it f—— bothers me,” she added.

It was not the first time the radiologist made her feel uncomfortable, she said.

“Again, AS I TOLD HIM LAST YEAR, I said ‘Hey! Do you need to be touching me with your fingers?’ He said ‘No.’ And he pulled them off of me,” Silverman explained.

As for why the radiologist used his fingers, Silverman said he told her “I do that for balance.”

Silverman then went on to clarify that while she didn’t believe the radiologist was “getting off on it,” his alleged actions were troubling.

“It is his job to be aware that this is vulnerable for a woman,” Silverman wrote.

“Wear f—— GLOVES — this isn’t a date. For him to be so arrogant that he didn’t even internalize the problem when I said something to him about it last year is obnoxious and probably a subconscious power thing if we’re getting deep,” she added.

Since her visit, Silverman has vowed to never go back to that radiologist or to any male radiologist — ever again.

“I’m a grown woman and I’m fine. But this guy does this with everyone and I know that personally it took many years into adulthood before I spoke up for myself,” she said. “It’s uncomfortable and too easy to think it’s all in your head. And arrogant f—- like this doctor take advantage of women’s socialized instinct to not speak up.”

Silverman concluded the post by telling women to always speak up for themselves in any situation.

“Trust that thing in your gut that tells you this s— ain’t it,” she wrote.

Silverman’s frightening experience comes over three months after the Wreck-It Ralph star apologized for comments she made about Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct scandal.

In October, Silverman opened up about her relationship with C.K., 51, during an interview on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, revealing that she used to let him masturbate in front of her when the two were coming up in comedy together.

“I don’t know if I’m going to regret saying this,” she said. “I’ve known Louis forever. I’m not making excuses for him. Please don’t take this that way. But, you know, we are peers. We’re equals. When we were kids and he used to ask if he could masturbate in front of me, sometimes I’d go, ‘F— yeah, I want to see that!’ It was like science.”

Silverman said her situation with C.K. was “not analogous” to the women who came forward with stories of sexual misconduct comedian in a New York Times article last year, because unlike those women, “he could offer me nothing.”

Shortly after the interview aired, comedian Rebecca Corry, who said that C.K. asked if he could masturbate in front of her while filming a TV pilot in 2005, responded to Silverman.

“To be real clear, CK had ‘nothing to offer me’ as I too was his equal on the set the day he decided to sexually harass me,” she tweeted. “He took away a day I worked years for and still has no remorse. He’s a predator who victimized women for decades and lied about it.”

Silverman tweeted an apology to Corry, 47, within the hour.

“Rebecca I’m sorry,” she wrote. “Ugh this is why I don’t like weighing in. I can’t seem to do press 4 my show w/out being asked about it. But you’re right — you were equals and he f—ed with you and it’s not ok. I’m sorry, friend. You are so talented and so kind.”

C.K. has admitted that the stories the women told about their experiences with him were true.

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