Sam Kerr Has Gone Instagram Official With US Soccer Play Kristie Mewis

If the end of the Summer Olympics has left you feeling despondent, you’re not alone. With so many of us in lockdown, faced only with the bleak news cycle of endless case numbers and international disasters, the Olympics gave us something to look forward to. From Australian athletes like Jess Fox and Peter Bol to displays of sportsmanship in the men’s high jump final and Simone Biles speaking out about mental health, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games brought us much needed joy, a stunning celebration of the human spirit and what can be achieved. But while the Games might be over, it appears there is something else that’s come out of the Olympics that we can all get around: a new romance.

While it was devastating to see the Matildas lose to the US Women’s National team, images of Sam Kerr being comforted by US soccer player, Kristie Mewis had fans speculating about a potential romance. And now, Kerr has taken to Instagram to confirm the news and it might just be the greatest thing to have come out of Tokyo. 

Sharing a picture of Mewis sitting in her lap, arms wrapped around each other as they kiss, the picture is one of romance and unbridled optimism. This is the good news we all needed. Mewis has also posted a picture of the couple taking a selfie to her own Instagram story and to say the pair look cute together is an understatement. 

Their Instagram-official status comes after months of flirting online, which we can all relate to given that those in NSW have only just recently been allowed a singles bubble. Prior to that, our romantic lives were only lived on the web, firing off spicy DMs to potential suitors and hoping those three disappearing dots resulted in a flirtatious reply, and didn’t see us ghosted for an eternity. Now, someone on Twitter has done some digging and compiled a thread of literally every flirty interaction between Kerr and Mewis. It certainly makes for entertaining lockdown reading. 

On field, Kerr continues to live by example and lead her team with fearlessness. Off it, she’s now uniting the nation by providing some good news, a speck of gold in what can only be described as a garbage fire of a year.  

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