Medicines: counterfeit have in the future severe

Medicinal products are protected with numerous measures against counterfeiting. To make it even more secure, add one to the 9. February in the whole of Europe, additional data codes in the already existing security measures.

In the organization of the securPharm pharmaceutical industry, wholesalers and pharmacists in Germany have merged, and a system of protection against counterfeiting of Medicines built up. And that’s how it works: In a square Data Matrix Code, which must be located on almost all of the prescription medications, is stored a unique serial number. This scans the pharmacist prior to dispensing to the patients and checks them for authenticity. In addition, each pharmaceutical package is provided with a first-opening protection.

Since the packs with the new protection 9. February come only to trade, there will be a transition period packs with and without the new security features in the pharmacies. Already existing packages can be delivered up to their expiration date and used, is provided by the legislature.

The systems of protection against counterfeit drugs, first go in 26 EU member States as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein in operation. By 2025, the systems in Italy and Greece.


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