Lose weight with HVIT: Is this Workout better than HIIT?

You would have to the question as to the hottest fitness trend of the last years answer, would the answer certainly, HIIT – high-intensity Workout that will burn in the shortest amount of time calories.

But according to fitness trainer Corey Phelps, are not the most as HIIT declared classes in the Gym, in fact, not out of pure HIIT-elements and should be HVIT, so “High-Volume Interval Training” called.

“At the training method, HIIT crisp training sessions of 60 seconds alternated with short rest interval of two minutes,” explains Phelps to “Popsugar”.

The result is a maximum fat burning and faster muscle building.

But in reality, this burden of see cycles in most of the HIIT classes, otherwise, adds Phelps.

“In many of the alleged HIIT classes, you do not limit works even for a full 60 seconds at the maximum load, and does not comply with the for-HIIT-Training-so-typical relationship of strain and breaks,” says the expert.

A lot more so-called HVIT-Training in most of the Studios was on the agenda.

“When HVIT training with 60 to 70 percent of the maximum load, and can sustain this effort for much longer than in the case of the maximum load in the HIIT,” says Personal Trainer Hector Bones.

Means: “You can add more intervals as in HIIT, but shorter breaks,” he said.

HVIT offers great Benefit for the body

The three minutes of Bodyweight Exercises, combined with active Regeneration over a number of rounds, to ensure an intense muscle workout that does not strain the muscles too strong and exhausted,” explains Kendall Toole, the owner of a well-known fitness studios in Los Angeles, the targeted HVIT-courses offered by, to Popsugar.

“Training with these longer intervals produce results that have a constant positive effect on the body,” she adds.

Katharina Klein

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