Learn how to finally get a better night’s sleep at The Stylist Restival

Written by Emily Evans

Join Stylist on Friday 19 March 2021 for the sleep festival featuring expert sleep guidance and practical sessions preparing you for a blissful night’s rest.

The pandemic has interrupted many aspects of our lives, but sleep seems to be one of the worst affected areas. From tier restrictions to post-lockdown roadmaps, we have been through a whole year of stressful news cycles that has inevitably influenced our ability to calm our busy minds.

Prioritising rest and self-care has never been more vital, which is why we’re hosting The Stylist Restival on World Sleep Day (Friday 19 March 2021) – and we’d love for you to join us. 

The two-hour event will look at how lockdown and anxiety has impacted our sleep and guide you through practical sessions for a truly restorative evening. Scroll down for a breakdown of all the sleep sessions line-up, and to meet the brilliant women hosting them. 

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Tickets are £10 and include access to all workshops; 1 month free access to Clementine, the all-new sleep app; plus a downloadable sleep sheet explaining how to make the most out of your power naps.

The evening will be split into four practical sessions led by our specialists. 

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The Stylist Restival 2021: the sessions

  • 7.30-8pm: How to sleep better when you leave lockdown with Stephanie Romiszewski

    Sleep Physiologist Stephanie Romiszewski will share expert sleep tips

    After a year of limited social interaction and dramatic changes to our daily routines, it’s no surprise many of us are suffering from lockdown anxiety which has disrupted our sleep cycles and the quality of rest we’re getting. Poor sleep can affect not just our performance but our overall happiness. Sleep Physiologist Stephanie Romiszewski will be discussing why lockdown has impacted our sleep, and what you can do to achieve better quality sleep – because Googling ‘how to fall asleep faster’ is not the answer.

  • 8-8.30pm: A beginner’s guide to Reiki with Jasmin Harsono

    Jasmin Harsono will introduce you to the transformative practice of Reiki

    Join Jasmin Harsono, an intuitive wellness guide and founder of conscious lifestyle brand Emerald and Tiger, for a Self Reiki session to help aid deeper healing sleep. She will guide you through a practice teaching you how to use the power of touch and breath to tap into your Reiki – supporting your body’s natural ability to heal and balancing the mind, body and spirit. This session will help release tension inviting calm and deep relaxation.

  • 8.30-8.45pm: Crystal sound bowls for sleep with Jasmin Harsono

    A soothing sound bath from Jasmin will guide you into a peaceful rest

    Following the Reiki journey, Jasmin will perform a soothing crystal bowl sound bath, allowing healing sounds and frequencies to flow through the energy fields within and around the body. The sounds will help you to connect with emotions, memories and thoughts, guiding you into a peaceful rest, reducing cortisol levels – our stress hormone and improving sleep by increasing melatonin – our sleep hormone.

  • 8.45-9.15pm: Prep your body for bed with Yoga Nidra with Tracee Stanley

    Tracee Stanley closes the evening with a meditative Yoga Nidra practice

    Join Tracee Stanley for a yoga session designed to relax the body and mind for a deep and peaceful sleep. Yoga Nidra, also referred to as yogic sleep, is a transformative practice that aids sleep through meditative exercises. For this session, have your blankets, pillows and comfy sleepwear ready, and prepare to receive the rest you deserve.

    Book your place at The Stylist Restival here

The Stylist Restival takes place on Friday 19 March, 7.30-9.15pm. Tickets are £10 and include access to all sessions, one month free of Clementine and a sleep guide to help you make the most from power naps. Tickets are on sale now.

All ticket holders will receive a one month subscription to the Clementine sleep app – the hypnotherapy app for busy women who want to find their inner calm, reduce anxiety, ditch self doubt and get a great night’s sleep.

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