Jillian Michaels Just Did The Most Intense-Looking Squats On An Exercise Ball

  • Jillian Michaels just shared a video of herself doing intense-looking squats on an exercise ball.
  • The move works both her legs and core, which looks amazing btw.
  • Jillian sells her own line of stability balls and has previously shared other ball workouts.

It’s pretty clear that celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels doesn’t mess around at the gym, but she just shared a video on Instagram that might just blow your mind. In the video, Jillian,

whose abs look amazing btw, can be seen standing on an exercise ball. She then raises her arms in front of her and squats all the way down and back up…while still standing on the ball. It’s a move that works your legs and your core at the same time, and WOW.

“Choose the trick over the treat,” she wrote in the caption. “Happy Halloween babes! And you can always get 7 minute workouts for nothin’ with my app if you don’t wanna squat on the ball.”


People, of course, freaked out. “OMG you’re the best. Trying these later,” one wrote. “Those abs,” another said.

Jillian actually sells her own line of exercise balls, so clearly she’s into them and their body-sculpting abilities. She also shared a stability ball workout on Instagram this summer that’s seriously next-level.

In that video, Jillian worked her way through a series of exercises. First, she did a push-up on two stability balls, like balancing her feet on one ball and her upper body on another.

Then, she balanced her upper body on one ball (with her feet on the ground) and did a clapping push-up, where she pushed her upper body into the air, clapped, and landed back on the ball. Totally nbd, right?

She wrapped things up with with alternating push-ups on two stability balls. Basically, she did a push-up on one ball and then hopped over to the other ball to do another push-up. You can check out all the action here:



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