Intermittent fasting: The 6-hour rule, the best form of nutrition – Video

Who restricts his meal times to six hours per day, could do to his body, according to a U.S. study, nothing Better. Because the so-called intermittent fasting not only lowers the weight of the body, but has a huge impact on blood pressure, Insulin, and stress level.

Six hours eating, 18 hours: The idea of Intermittent fasting, also known as interval fasting is not new. The findings of researchers from Birmingham, Alabama. They published the results of a ten-week study with obese men in the journal “Cell”.

A Positive Impact

They found evidence that the long break between the last and the first meal has an impact not only on weight but also on the health status of the almost positive.

Especially people who have an increased risk of diabetes and can therefore achieve great success with intermittent fasting. But the results also be encouragement for anyone who is losing weight, heart disease risk, reduce or simply get fitter to feel.

Half of the subjects fasted in the first five weeks. You had to take every day for six hours prior to 15 at the time, a total of three meals. The other half, the control group had daily twelve hours to do it.

After five weeks of a seven-week study break was to bring the body back to its normal level. And then the groups switched. The calorie intake was not altered in both in comparison to their everyday life, so that it came to be aware of any weight reduction.

Fasting is healthier

The result: The men, the fasting interval, had a lower blood, a blood sugar level and less appetite more stable. The latter certainly stands in a close connection with the blood sugar: For anyone who has a stable blood sugar level, is less prone to cravings.

With this study, the researchers from Birmingham have demonstrated for the first Time, that the positive effects of the interval are not fasting due to health alone to the weight reduction, but also on the fasting.