How To Save Up to 80% on Pet Medications With GoodRx – GoodRx

Here are a couple tips for using GoodRx with different kinds of pet prescriptions.

1) Medications approved for both pets and humans

Many prescription drugs—like antibiotics, eye drops, and even antidepressants—can be used for both pets and humans. In these cases, a GoodRx coupon may help you save as much as 80% off the retail price of the drug. Gabapentin, a popular medication for cats and dogs, for example, is available on GoodRx at a price of $11.50 for ninety 300 mg capsules. Compare that to an average cash price of over $70! Since most pets are not covered by health insurance, paying in cash and using a GoodRx coupon can offer huge savings.

So, when you get your pet’s prescription, be sure to use GoodRx to shop around. Search for your prescription on or the GoodRx mobile app by typing in the drug’s name and selecting the correct form, strength, and quantity at the top of the page. You’ll get a list of local pharmacies where your pet’s medication is available, along with prices for the drug at each pharmacy, which may include its retail price, lowest GoodRx price, or pharmacy membership program price. Then, simply follow the instructions to access the option that’s best for you.

2) Medications only approved for pets

If you don’t see a coupon for your pet’s medication on GoodRx, don’t worry! As you shop around, you’ll find that we also provide other options for getting your prescription filled.

For instance, some medications for pets (like Heartgard, Trifexis, and Dasuquin) are not approved for use in humans, which means you won’t find a GoodRx coupon for them. But, you’ll still be able to compare prices for these medications at major online pet pharmacies on GoodRx—and you may find that these prices are better than those at your vet’s office. We also provide direct links to each pharmacy, so you can easily purchase your pet’s medication and get it delivered directly to you.

Every pharmacy we list is licensed, based in the U.S., and certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) to advertise prices and fill prescriptions online.

How to use a GoodRx coupon at the pharmacy

First, in order to use a GoodRx coupon, you’ll need to tell your pharmacist that you will be paying in cash. Then, pull up the GoodRx coupon on or the GoodRx mobile app, and present that when you pay. You can also bring a printed copy of the coupon if you prefer. GoodRx prices are often better than insurance copays, so it’s worth it to shop around, even if you have insurance.

Also, keep in mind that for pet prescriptions, your pharmacist will need your veterinarian’s DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) number (basically, an official identification number) to process a GoodRx coupon. (A doctor for humans will have a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number instead.) Usually, the DEA number will be listed on the prescription order that your vet’s office sent over.

I hope these tips are helpful for you and your pets! For more information on using GoodRx to save on human or pet prescriptions, please visit our Help Center and stay tuned for more savings tips on the GoodRx blog.

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