Gemma Oaten health: Emmerdale star recently nearly died – ‘my body was poisoning itself’

Gemma Outen opens up on her eating disorder struggles

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Former Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten has revealed she recently nearly died from having “dangerously high” calcium levels in her body. The soap star opened up about her near-death experience on ITV’s Lorraine. “It was only two months ago that this all happened really,” she said.

Oaten said her life-threatening condition was years in the making, however.

She explained: “I had not been feeling well for a while to be honest but I didn’t practice what I preached and I just put it down to one side.

“We’d had a big funding cut for the charity that I am CEO of and I’d put it down to stress and the pressure of that. I was also doing a morning breakfast radio show so I was getting up early at half past four and doing my full time job and then auditions so I just put it down to nausea, feeling tired.”

The star was also experiencing bouts of “stomach cramps”, which she attributed to anxiety and stress.

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