Forget 69: The sex position “77 makes it even more fun

You’re a Fan of the spoons position? Then you’ll love the Sex position number 77.

This is, so to speak, to the sparkling “Upgrade” of the Löffelchens: For women, the Sex is even more intense, because of the derG-point is targeted stimulates.

The Best part is that you can get the Partner up – close- and quasi-together “merges”.

The implementation of the position may sound complicated at first glance, it is in truth.

The position 77 reminiscent of the spoons

The sex position to try, for once, puts you in position side by side, the man needs to be behind the woman. Your body cuddle together with back and chest so that you remember to the two sevens in the number of 77 – that is why the position is called.

Now the Trick that makes the 77, but quite different than the spoons-position: The woman wraps her legs around his upper leg. The experience intensified immensely.

Now she stretches out the legs to a 45-degree angle to the front, however, with his leg engulfed. If you like it more intense you can stretch to meet him the butt of something – control the woman alone.

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The angle makes the position so intense

The special angle makes the position 77, the man can particularly penetrate deep into the woman and therefore the best possible opportunities to stimulate the G-spot.

The G-spot is considered the most sensitive spot of the female body, with scientists about the exact Position and possible stimulation have so far, are still at odds.

It was said recently that there should also be a A-point on the anterior vagina wall is, and even more sensitive point than the G -.

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