Fit through the fall: How to store ginger properly

In the case of the budget against colds ginger is ranked at the very top, because in the tuber all the valuable nutrients that strengthen the immune system cavort so pretty.

The Asian miracle root is not only rich in Vitamin C, iron, calcium, and potassium. Above all, they also contains significant essential Oils, as well as the substances gingerols and rhizome, which are anti-bacterial, and viruses in the multiplication of inhibit.

It is worthwhile, just with the onset of the colder months of the year already, as a precaution, with the addition of ginger to stock. The Portal ‘Yahoo ‘ lifestyle’ shows how ginger is particularly long-lasting.

Ginger cooling or freezing

Ginger should be refrigerated and is best covered to be kept – for example, in a box.

There, where the root was cut, should be blotted with a paper towel to briefly dry before it goes back in the fridge. Thus, the cut piece lasts longer.

Generally, however, Once attached ginger does not keep as long as fresh ginger, at least not in the refrigerator.

Who would like to keep the ginger almost indefinitely, you should move on to Freezing.

The unpeeled ginger to make into a freezer bag or other freezer-proof container to avoid freezer burn.

The Great: Frozen ginger is easier to prepare to cut because the consistency is easier to RUB is.

What was not used, can then be simply placed back in the freezer until needed the next Time.

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The Positive effects of ginger

Not only in terms of the Prevention of colds is ginger an exceptional talent. The cure from China is also used in the treatment of other health problems is of great importance.

1. In The Case Of Nausea

However, in the case of Pregnant benefit: According to a survey of twelve in the magazine ‘Nutrition Journal’ published studies involving a total of 1.278 pregnant women took part, have already been able to relieve 1.5 grams of ginger in nausea of outbreaks significantly.

2. As A Blood Sugar-Lowering Drug

First study results of the ‘Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research’ suggests from the year 2015, the suspicion that ginger may help diabetics. In the case of the 41 participants with type 2 Diabetes-two grams of ginger per day lowered fasting blood sugar by twelve percent.

3. In case of high cholesterol

A study by researchers at the Department of pharmacology and the Medical University of Babol in Iran, resulted in, resulted in 85 people with high cholesterol, the intake of ginger powder to a significant reduction in the amount of Cholesterol.

In addition, ginger helps with its circulation-promoting effect, even in the freezing cold to a pleasant feeling of warmth.

Theoretically, you can’t stock up over the winter months, so enough with the healthy all-rounder. The dosage of the tuber should be treated with caution, because too much ginger can be quite dangerous.


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