“Feel hungry” method you take and have no cravings

After 14 hours without food, our body turns on a kind of inner cleaning.

All pure matter of habit. Frank Madeo, it took about two weeks, until he was programmed to his new Essrhythmus””, as he calls it. Since then, he only eats between 17 and 20 PM. But then everything that he likes. Until he is properly tired.

Sounds good, but what about the other 21 hours of each long day? “I feel there’s no longer hungry,” says Madeo, Born in 1967, grew up in the Ruhr area, slim, athletic, and a Professor at the Institute for Molecular Biosciences in Graz.

Since two years he is fed according to this Plan, feels stronger, is less likely to get sick. “I wanted to test the results of our research,” he says. “I can’t give in my lectures advice I will follow.” His most important advice is: intermittent fasting – a regular waiver of food at certain times. Even worse, the method he is testing in 100 subjects to eat: a day, a day of fasting.

Frank Madeo is one of the Stars of a relatively young research area, this is the ancient Tradition of fasting on the track. What happens in our body when we eat voluntarily nothing?

Food waiver brings a great deal of Good

In the laboratory of the old researcher in Graz 30 scientists are studying yeast, fruit flies and humans, which processes periodic food waiver in cells triggers. Simplified: a lot of Good. Various forms of fasting, which will be investigated in a handful of laboratories around the world, show now scientifically proven effects on health:

Both traditional cures, food waiver about 14 hours or some days, Dinner – or Breakfast-Cancelling lower blood pressure, help with chronic diseases such as rheumatism or Arthritis, improve mood, rejuvenate the body, prevent dementia. It’s not like during diets, mainly about losing weight, but to maintain a healthy body weight.