Ever Wondered Why The Amish Don’t Get Cancer? THIS Is Why

A study published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control showed that the Amish practically have no cancer within their population, and are considered the healthiest people in America.

Meet The Amish

Who are the Amish? The Amish are a group of people who follow the teachings and practices of Jacob Ammann, a 17th-century citizen of Switzerland. The Amish, most of whom live in the United States, adhere to simple customs and decline to take oaths, vote, or perform military service. They are known to ignore modern technology and conveniences, preferring to do things the conventional way. A horse and buggy is the main source of transportation in the Amish community. They do not have electricity or telephones in their homes as they see no use for it. The men are usually found spurning beards and pants with buttons instead of zippers while the women wear white head coverings and plain dresses, usually without buttons, preferring to use straight pins to fasten the clothing.

The Amish believe the phrase from the Bible “and to keep oneself unspotted from the world” translates to staying away from the typical things the “world” does like driving automobiles, going to the movies, wearing make-up, having a TV, and enjoying the conveniences of electricity, phones, and advancement of technology in general. They habitually use generators to generate power to run their equipment and use horses, rather than tractors, to do farm work. They are grouped into districts, each having its dos and don’ts. The bishop (leader) of an Amish community (district) is responsible for the setting up of the rules of conduct permissible for his district. Some bishops are found to be more lenient than others, though the rules are not all that different from each other. The Amish have church services in their own homes, taking turns hosting on Sundays, rather than the conventional way of conveying to a general church on a holy day, as they do not have church buildings. Their kids usually only go to a formal school until age 15.

Two key ideas important for the understanding of Amish practices are their rejection of pride or arrogance and the high value they accord humility and calmness, often interpreted as “submission” or “letting-be.” The concept of humility can be better understood as the unwillingness to be forward, to be self-promoting, or to affirm oneself. The humility concept is most evident in the Amish’s willingness to submit to the “Will of God”, which is in contrast with the selfishness so popular with the wider American culture. Their belief that technology advancement might make one greedy in a bid to own various goods and that pictures are a form of self-affirmation that might lead to pride is the main reason behind the Amish rejecting labor-saving technologies that might make one less dependent on the community.

The Amish forgive in nature and as such, members who break church rules are given a chance to confess before the congregation, shunning those who refuse to correct their behavior. This method of shunning is called excommunication. As a result of their forgiving nature, excommunicated members are accepted back into the community once they confess their wrongdoings and agree to change their wayward ways.

It is important to note that the Amish community is not forced on anyone as their teenagers are allowed to attend schools and interact with the outside world. In this period, they are allowed to own automobiles, use phones, and interact with other forms of technology. This is in a bid to permit them to witness both worlds and decide the one they want to be a part of. Most of these children ‘take the church’ which means that they end up joining the Amish community while a few of them decide they enjoy the world of technology advancement more.

Why Don’t They Have Cancer?

Scholars from Ohio State University initially launched a study on the Amish population in a bid to determine if the rates of cancer would be higher since they are shut out from any form of conventional medical care. However, the findings of their research left them astounded.

It was discovered that the Amish tend to have much lower rates of cancer when compared to the rest of the population. This development prompted further researchers’ decision to decide to take a closer look at their lifestyle choices, diets, and so on to find out why.

According to reports, Most Amish people do not engage in smoking or drinking activities, and they are also known not to be promiscuous, prompting researchers to believe that it is these lifestyle choices that play an important role in the few number of cancer cases in their populace.

Other aspects observed include the high amount of physical labor carried out by the Amish. Most Amish people earn a living through farming, construction, and other production jobs that involve extreme physical activity, and this helps keep them healthy and in shape. In contrast to the remaining population of America that sit in fluorescent-lit cubicles all day, the Amish go through a lot of hard work to produce crops, build furniture and structures, and produce useful goods and researchers are sure this is also one of the things that contribute to their excellent health.

Another important factor not thoroughly examined in the study is the fact that the Amish grow and raise all their food products. They make use of time-tested, organic methods that provide them with healthy fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, and other pure foods that most Americans never get. Amish food is grown and raised to be rich in living enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients, thus resulting in improved health.

Make a mockery of their secluded lifestyle all you want – the Amish way of committing to simple, productive lives and clean, local food benefits their health in ways that the rest of America can only dream about.

When the Amish way is compared to a lifestyle of sitting in tall office buildings with air-conditioners all day, eating processed and unnatural junk food, and popping prescription pills, it is crystal clear which lifestyle is truly meant to be mocked.

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