Doctors ban for alleged children’s food advertising challenge

The President of the professional Association of child and youth doctors, Thomas Fischbach, calls to ban advertising for sweets, such as milk-cuts and children’s chocolate. “We need a ban on the advertising of so-called children’s food, the there Yes actually,” said Fischbach, the “New osnabrück newspaper”. Sugar bombs are anything other than child-friendly.

Food companies would with “dinosaur images, or jet boys and girls give” on the packaging under the impression there would be food, especially for children, “as the milk cuts or children chocolate would be healthy and a meaningful part of the food catalog,” said Fischbach. “This is irresponsible and must be stopped.”

Taste preferences are shaped in childhood age

The consequences of the rampant Obesity, the Small have consequences, “dramatic”, by the suffering of those Affected, up to the cost of the health care system, said Fischbach. “Intervention is more important than taste preferences in early childhood are dominated age.”

In October, a study by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), according to which more than 15 percent of children between 3 and 17 years of age in Germany are overweight or obese (read here how you can prevent your child from becoming too thick) appeared.

The strategy of the Federal government for the sugar and reduced-fat recipes in finished products was “much too weak,” said Fischbach. “The consequence of political fear more and more obese and sick, young and elderly people.”

Fischbach warned in the “New Osnabrücker Zeitung” also “disastrous consequences” of an intensive media use by minors. “We observe with horror that the children that hang in front of your Smartphone or tablet, always younger.”

Even the Youngest would be conditioned on permanent sensory overload, said Fischbach. In consequence, children would suffer more and more frequently, to lack of concentration. Basically, No phone accepted “eleven years ago”, and then not more than two hours of usage per day.