Doctor calls a woman fat and overlooks their life-threatening disease

Michelle Bell from the British West Sussex complained for quite some time about pain in the abdomen. In addition, the two-fold mother, noticed that her period was every month more and her pants was regularly full of blood.

For this reason, you let your gynecologist examine – with fatal consequences. The doctor referred to Bell as “fat” and sent them back home. As it turned out later, the woman was suffering from ovarian cancer.

The British newspaper “the Sun reported”.

The newspaper quoted Bell:

“I explained to my doctor my symptoms. (…) I stopped and expected him to examine me, and Tests would be arranged. Instead, he leaned back in his chair and raised an eyebrow. ‘You are overweight’, he said.”

Woman warns with a picture in front of cancer – “My pimples could have killed me”

Doctor: “you are overweight”

Bell wanted to sit up. You should not have tried to the doctor that with her voice. But the doctors persisted in his opinion.

According to him, the pain came from the Overweight. He sent the 38-Year-old home and advised her to lose weight. He wanted the British not even investigate.

“I was speechless. My mouth was open, literally,” said Bell.

A young mother struggling against cancer, then you will be punished also by the Jobcenter

A few days later, she visited a gynecologist. This time, the diagnosis from The doctor was the 38-Year-old ovarian cancer.

Such as the apotheken Umschau writes, some women have a genetic predisposition for ovarian tumors. About one out of every ten ovarian cancer is due to the fact. The disease shows in the early stages usually have no symptoms. Therefore, it is recognized in most cases until very late. The further the Tumor is advanced, the worse the chances of recovery are.

Wife suffered from ovarian cancer

As the newspaper writes, was Bell already operates a day later. The Doctors took your entire left ovary and removed, and in addition, cysts from your right ovary. Other treatments do not need to undergo the 38-Year-old first.

Today, the mother of two can’t believe the statement by your first doctor. You said:

“My doctor had neglected my symptoms just because of my weight. I had listened to him, had the cancer spread and my children would have sooner or later without their mother to grow up.”

For this reason, Bell has established a website. She wants to show that the weight of a woman should not stand in the foreground.


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