Disgust-Fund in the food trade: Every second chicken of diarrhea pathogens infect the

More than every second chicken fresh meat sample in the German food retail is contaminated with diarrhoea pathogens, especially in immunocompromised people to dangerous diseases. 51.8 percent of the chicken meat samples contained in the past year, the diarrhea pathogen Campylobacter.

In 2011, by contrast, only 31.6 percent of the samples. This is clear from the response of the Federal government to a written question from the Green group leaders Anton Hofreiter, of the "Rhine Post" (Friday).

Accordingly, the excitation of 2017, in the case of samples at stations by the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety (BVL) directly to the battle even when 78.8 per cent of the broilers found. In 2011, there were only 40.9 percent of the animals. Of the pathogen, according to the Robert Koch Institute to 60,000 to 70,000 reported illnesses per year, which is of unreported cases is much higher. Especially children, the Elderly and Pregnant women are often affected.

Consumer calls for better controls

"The Federal government doesn’t seem to care that more and more are diarrhoea pathogens in the meat, and the number of infections is on the rise. She puts her protective Hand rather than Agricultural and Schlachtindustrie", Hofreiter said. The government needed to provide stations for more Hygiene on the battle. "Part of this is that the Federal government in Brussels is committed to ensuring that the limits for bioburden improved significantly werden", so Hofreiter.

"It is crucial that the slaughter houses are better controlled, and committed to improved hygiene measures werden", Klaus Müller, head of the consumers said the Central Federal Association. The Federal Association of the food trade, pointed out that in the United States the permissible method to eliminate germs on the meat by chlorine, is not allowed in Europe. Poultry meat consumption would therefore given instructions.