Diet health: Is Low Carb unhealthy? The body responds to carbohydrate deficiency

Who has mitDiäten and weight-loss tips, the term “Low Carb”. Even celebrities like Beyonce or Sharon Stone swear by the Slimming concept, this cancels out carbs almost completely out of the diet plan. However, the waiver of Pasta, bread, rice and co. is really healthy? Some nutritional experts doubt that.

Because the body needs all the nutrients to be able to work effectively – and not just protein and fats, but also carbohydrates. You leave out the carbohydrates over a longer period completely, do you lose weight on weight. However, the nutrient deficiency can have negative consequences for your well-being. These symptoms can be an alarm signal:

1. Lack of concentration

If you’re constantly distracted, it may be your diet. Probably your body having a hypoglycemic episode and require carbohydrates. The best carbohydrate sources such as fruit or whole-grain products, which supply the brain with energy.

2. Mood swings

You give your body too few carbohydrates is reduced the Serotonin production. Serotonin is also known as a happiness hormone because it increases the well-being. A lack of carbohydrates can lead to the fact that you’re often in a bad mood. Pasta and co. do in moderation so actually happy – at least in the short term!

3. The smell of the mouth

The body can not use carbohydrates, he draws the needed energy from the fat cells. Through the process, so-called Ketones, which smell bad and the body through the respiratory tract to leave. What emerges is the smell of the mouth – and the is both for you and for your fellow human beings uncomfortable.

4. Bad Condition

Especially athletes should ensure adequate carbohydrate intake. The Musken need carbohydrates to be able to work. Who runs endurance sports such as Jogging or Biking, is especially reliant on carbohydrates to be able to on long journeys.

Julia Are

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