Cow’s milk – for the health of unsuitable

Table of contents

  • Cow’s milk is healthy – but only in the advertising
  • Cow’s milk – mass production leads to mass consumption
  • Cow’s milk is often loaded imperceptibly
  • What do you know about cow’s milk?
  • Cow’s milk for babies unsuitable
  • Cows drink milk
  • Problematic Cow’s Milk-Calcium
  • Cow’s milk does NOT protect against osteoporosis
  • Hormones in the milk
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Cow’s milk is healthy – but only in the advertising

Milk is not always and not for every unhealthy. Mother’s milk is for human babies are extremely healthy. Cow’s milk is for people – whether babies or adults – is definitely unhealthy. Unfortunately, many people are convinced of the contrary and rocks firmly believe that milk is healthy – a wonderful example for the gifted mass hypnosis ability of the Mainstream media.

Cow’s milk – mass production leads to mass consumption

The milk consumption increased in the past decades. Not because it turned out that the milk people would be healthier, but because the cows were relatively easily into milk machines transform and, thus, great quantities of milk were produced.

Now milk as a vital food staple had to be declared, without the use of which you could remain virtually impossible to be healthy and the milk produced masses found the desired paragraph.

Cow’s milk is often loaded imperceptibly

Many people do not tolerate dairy products, others have used in the course of time, seemingly to milk products. Apparently so, because dairy products are often not immediately after your consumption to health complaints, but instead the organism permanently and, unfortunately, imperceptibly straining, and in this way to the emergence of most chronic diseases can contribute. In reality, cow’s milk is so unhealthy for the human body.

Since cow’s milk is not produced for mass and milk products also nice enough, milk from all sides, and with United forces as a healthy product substances, many minerals and valuable protein. The gullible people bought, consumed, and wonders from time to time, where his health resolution is wounds.

What do you know about cow’s milk?

Cow’s milk causes exactly the opposite of what makes us the Mainstream daily.

  • They informed the cow’s milk advertising, for example, about possible symptoms that might indicate a cow’s milk intolerance or lactose intolerance (e.g., frequent colds, susceptibility to Infection, respiratory disease, intestinal problems, etc.)?
  • Cow’s milk provides advertising, concrete information about the real everyday life in the mass of the cow’s milk, the producers of the stables? About diseases, or hormone – and drug-use?
  • It is explained in cow’s milk advertising, which is the industrial processing steps of the cow’s milk before it is on the shelf?
  • Someone told some of the qualitative Changes in the milk due to the industrial processing (pasteurization, homogenization, UHT treatment, etc.) and their negative effects on human health?

No, because the answers to all these questions would lead to almost any appetite to pass by to cow’s milk

Cow’s milk for babies unsuitable

Cow’s milk is even if you would leave a raw and natural – for the human baby food is completely unsuitable, since their composition differs greatly from that of mother’s milk. The fatty acids combination of the mother’s milk promotes the development of the human brain, while cow’s milk contains all the what is a Kuhgehirn necessary.

Furthermore, cow’s milk contains the Vitamin and mineral quantities for the immense growth of a calf is important, while these quantities for the healthy unfolding of a human can be a child, depending on the vital substances – either too high or too low.

Cow’s milk also provides approximately three times the protein amount and at the same time, 50 percent less lactose than human breast milk. For these reasons, babies who cannot be breastfed received milk formulas, which were adjusted to the composition of mother’s milk.

These milk composition of cows ‘ milk is NOT are food adjusted. So why cow’s milk should be – if you can’t be in their function as infant food, even human infants useful – then larger children or even adults to be helpful?

Cows drink milk

Cow’s milk contains a relatively large amount of Calcium. Should all people who drink milk for the purposes of its supply of Calcium, actually very strange appear. Dairy cows receive (hopefully) the only purely vegetable food. In addition, you drink to provide themselves with sufficient Calcium – NO cows milk. Consequently, it must be included in the plants with sufficient Calcium, the cow benefits for themselves and their milk can accumulate. And no, this is not because the cow has a rumen, and we don’t.

There are millions of people on this globe, which feed on plants, and no signs of calcium deficiency. You the supply of Calcium manages to completely easily and, although they have the digestive system of a cow as the milk drinking people.

Problematic Cow’s Milk-Calcium

As in cow’s milk in addition to Calcium in addition, a high phosphorus content is present, it can be a lot of beautiful cow’s milk, calcium is only suboptimal. A phosphorus diet, namely the absorption capacities for Calcium lowers rich automatically, which is why calcium-rich foods, which contain little phosphorus, are for the supply of Calcium is significantly more suitable than cow’s milk.

Cow’s milk does NOT protect against osteoporosis

Cow’s milk is mainly consumed in the industrialized world. Many people from the Orient, from Africa or Asia consume very few dairy products. Milk was in the habit of the inhabitants of the rich industrialized countries only, and their consumption must therefore be but in the usual quality and quantity – not right and not healthy.

Osteoporosis, for example, should not necessarily be by means of lush milk consumption is prevented. At the same time, people in countries where milk consumption is not common, have lower osteoporosis rates than those in the milk industry to drink countries. Although are involved in the development of osteoporosis, other factors.

But the fact is that neither milk seems to protect against osteoporosis, not to consume of milk such a trigger. The suspicion is also that of milk protein products such as cheese osteoporosis not mitigate, but this increase can be rich, because a high-protein diet generally promotes the excretion of vital minerals.

Hormones in the milk

In some studies have been found specific correlations between milk consumption and the propensity to certain diseases. So male milk drinkers are to life with a 32-percent higher risk for prostate cancer. Another study showed correlations between milk consumption and an increased incidence of testicular cancer. Also ovarian and breast tumors developed, the more likely the more dairy products were consumed.

The natural (or through performance-enhancing measures, artificially increased) the hormone content of milk stimulates General cellular growth in milk consumers. This is completely normal, because milk is the natural sole food for a baby, and she is therefore responsible for ensuring that the relevant infant is growing as quickly as possible. So it contains growth hormones, for example, the so-called IGF-I (Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1).

For milk drinkers, significantly higher IGF-I levels can be observed as in the case of people who consume no dairy products. Since adults are not babies anymore and therefore no longer need to grow, seems to be the IGF I to stimulate these cells increased growth, which can grow even in adults, still like to and quickly: cancer cells

So who has recognized that adults don’t need baby food any more, not even the cow can focus on eating a diet that is fully consistent with an adult human, and the organism keeps you healthy and powerful – and this WITHOUT the disadvantages of industrially produced and processed cow’s milk.

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