Brooke Shields Practices Walking Up Stairs After Breaking Her Leg: ‘One Step at a Time…’

Brooke Shields is on the road to recovery.

The 55-year-old star broke her right femur in February after she fell off of a balance board, and she's working on rebuilding her strength in rehab. On Friday, that meant practicing walking up a set of stairs at the hospital with the help of medical staff.

"One step at a time…" Shields captioned a video of her careful climb up the stairs, with a crutch in one hand and a staff member bracing behind her. "Beginning is now!"

As Shields slowly moves up the stairs, she lets out a few "ow's," and gets reassurance from the medical staff.

The That 70's Show actress told PEOPLE last week that she's working on staying positive through the lengthy rehab process.

"Honestly, every day I feel like I'm having to begin again," she said. "Rehab is always slow and it's one day at a time and you just take what you can control and go, 'Okay, I'm going to be happy with that as my progress for right now.' "

Shields said that the any negative thinking is a waste of time, as it's "not going to help."

"If you ask yourself to come up with reasons why things are bad, you'll come up with pages and pages. But if you just ask yourself to think about the positives, whatever they are, it could always be worse," she said. "People are struggling everywhere. I have day-to-day things that I can do in my realm of control, in every area of my life. That's what I'm going to focus on."

And the mom of two has already made major progress. When Shields first revealed on Feb. 21 that she had broken her leg, she could only move about half a foot down the hospital hallway at a time — and wasn't ready for the stairs.

"There's only 20 percent weight…," she said in the video about how much weight she puts on her injured femur. "The goal is to bend your knee each time like a little bit, just so you're not dragging it or hitching up your hip."

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