Anti-vax leader Kate Shemirani is back on YouTube months after her ban

Shamed anti-vaxxer who compared lockdown to the Holocaust gets back on YouTube: Kate Shemirani starts new channel spouting conspiracy theories, despite being banned from the video platform

  • Shemirani’s new channel likens getting a jab to participating in Devil worship 
  • New video features chat with an anti-vax nun in London and filled with false info
  • Shemirani infamously compared NHS heroes to Nazi war criminals in 2020 rally
  • Campaigners say law must be changed so she can’t call herself a nurse anymore

A prolific anti-vaxx campaigner who compared NHS workers to Nazi war criminals and likened lockdown restrictions to the Holocaust was allowed back on YouTube to spout debunked conspiracy theories, MailOnline can reveal. 

Kate Shemirani, who still clings to the title of nurse despite being struck from the UK’s nursing register, had her previous channel banned last year for spreading false information about Covid vaccines and the pandemic in general.

But the 55-year-old, a friend of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s brother and lockdown skeptic Piers, created a new platform called ‘Natural Nurse Report’, this website found. 

YouTube pulled the video after being alerted to its presence by MailOnline.

The reemergence of Ms Shemirani has prompted renewed calls to protect the title of nurse to stop people like her using it to promote conspiracy theories to the public.  

Anti-vaxxer champion Kate Shemirani is back with a new YouTube channel spouting more conspiracy theories and hate towards doctors and nurses

In the only video on the new channel Kate Shemirani interviews an anti-vaxx nun Mother General of Tyburn Convent Marilla Aw with the pair claiming getting a vaccine is a type of communion with Satan 

The start-up channel currently had only one video, featuring an interview between Ms Shemirani and a nun.

She filmed the video at Tyburn Convent, which honours the martyrs of Tyburn a group of Catholics executed during the Reformation in the 1500s and 1600s. 

The 77-minute-long interview meanders between a plethora of debunked vaccine conspiracies — including that they cause cancer.

It also includes claims that Satanic worshippers are pushing vaccines onto society, insinuates pandemic restrictions are the start of Communism in the UK and around the world, and the Chinese Communist Party is infiltrating religious organisations. 

In the video, Ms Shemirani, who is listed in a caption as being of part of the ‘British Nursing Alliance’ — a group she founded that was banned on social media, claims vaccines are being pushed upon society by the ‘devil’. 

‘Doctors and nurses and injectors, everybody actually, they’re not even following what it means to be human,’ she said. 

‘We know it’s wrong, we know it’s a lie, we know this is an abuse of humanity… Every injection that goes in, that’s a little bit of Satan.’ 

Throughout the interview mother Marilla Aw nods along and verbally agrees with Ms Shemirani’s claims. 

The pair falsely claim that vaccines cause cancer and contain material from aborted foetuses, adding these are also found in cosmetics and fast food. 

The nun’s views put her at odds with the Catholic Church itself, with Pope Francis himself urging the faithful to get the Covid jab, describing it in a message as ‘an act of love’. 

Ms Shemirani also claimed she was anti-vaccine because she was created ‘in God’s image’, despite previously running a Botox clinic providing cosmetic treatments. 

The former nurse still describers herself as being an ‘independent nurse prescriber’ who still sees patients, despite being struck off from the UK’s nursing register last year after other nurses reported her for spreading her anti-vaccine and anti-mask views to the public. 

Ms Shemirani also predicted there will be many thousands of deaths in the UK among children who are given the vaccine — despite a plethora of data showing they are safe.  

‘There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth of the mothers when they realise what they’ve done,’ she said. 

The pair also compared being asked about vaccine status to being asked to wear a yellow Star of David like Jewish people in Nazi Germany.

Segments of the video also claim that between 84 and 1,651 people in Britain have died from taking the Covid vaccine.

Kate Shemirani’s video has segments featuring anti-vaxx imagery such as this which falsely says vaccines have been linked to 1,651 deaths. While the MHRA investigates all deaths following a vaccine this does not mean it was the cause of death as often other health conditions or illnesses, particularly in the elderly groups who first got the jab, are responsible.

More of the anti-vaccine messages featuring in the Kate Shemirani video

The 1,651 figure is from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA), the UK’s drugs watchdog, Yellow Card Reporting system on vaccine safety.

As of October 28 this system reported 1,728 people have died shortly after receiving the vaccine, though this does not mean they died as a result of the jab.  

This is because the Yellow Card System records all deaths following vaccination so they can be investigated and determined if the vaccine played a role in the fatality. 

Shamed anti-vaxxer nurse whose own son has abandoned her and claims that NHS colleagues who got her struck off were overweight and jealous

Mother-of-four Kate Shemirani, a former nurse of 35 years, is adamant coronavirus is a hoax and claimed its symptoms are linked to the roll-out of 5G

Mother-of-four Kate Shemirani, a former nurse of 35 years, is adamant coronavirus is a hoax and claimed its symptoms are linked to the roll-out of 5G.

She has argued the vaccine is a political tool to gain access to and change people’s DNA, has likened lockdown to the Holocaust and insisted dancing NHS nurses will ‘stand trial for genocide’.

She wrote: ‘Murder. Genocide. The NHS is the new Auschwitz.’ 

She is a headliner at anti-lockdown rallies, having joined conspiracy theorists David Icke and Piers Corbyn at a protest in August.

She directed yobs to confront riot police whom she branded ‘dirty dogs’ and mocked for wearing face masks at a rally in September.

Her son Sebastian, 21, said he is concerned about the impact his mother’s claims could have on public health and branded her ‘dangerous’ and an ‘attention-seeker’. 

A detailed in the MHRA guidelines: ‘It is very important to note a Yellow Card report does not necessarily mean the vaccine caused that reaction or event.

‘Many… do not have any relation to the vaccine or medicine and it is often coincidental that they both occurred around the same time.’ 

The Office of National Statistics has reported nine deaths from Covid vaccines in the UK though this figure is predicted to rise over time.

This is because when a vaccine is suspected to have contributed to a death, a lengthy investigation has to be carried out.  

Ms Shemirani’s original YouTube channel called ‘ Kate Shemirani A Natural Nurse in a Toxic World’ was banned last year following a crackdown by social media giants on anti-vaccine material. 

She also urged cancer sufferers to treat their disease with dog wormer medication and swore by coffee enemas, and mistletoe injections to the stomach, for curing her own breast cancer. 

In addition to her YouTube ban, Ms Shemirani, as well as her brand the British Nursing Alliance, was banned from other social media including Twitter and Facebook for encouraging people to not wear masks and avoid the Covid vaccine. 

Nurses are currently campaigning to make the title of nurse protected, similar to doctors, to prevent people like Ms Shemirani using it to give their views authority.

Currently anyone in the UK can call themselves a nurse, irrespective of whether they have been trained in the profession or they have been struck off by the UK’s nursing regulator, the Nursing  and Midwifery Council (NMC). 

Founder of the #ProtectNurse campaign founder, professor and registered nurse Alison Leary, who is an expert in healthcare and workforce, said the current problem is people like Ms Shemirani are not doing anything wrong.

‘Under the law she is entitled to call herself a nurse and entitled to have a therapeutic relationship (with patients) outside the bounds of registration,’ she said.

‘That’s why we believe the title needs to be protected… currently literally anybody can use the title of nurse in the UK.’

Professor Leary from London South Bank University said the public were largely unaware that anyone can call themselves a nurse and this needed to change. 

‘There isn’t enough public awareness that the title of nurse is not protected in law… and that’s the real issue, we want to raise awareness of this as much as gain protection,’ she said.

‘So the public know that not everyone that they meet who appears to be a nurse is actually a registered nurse, with the qualifications…and some people that spread misinformation are also not registered nurses.’

Professor Leary said that while people like Ms Shemirani are perhaps the most obvious example of the problem, there are numerous people in the NHS and wider health and social care system who hold the title of nurse but not the qualification.

She cited one recent example where a position of Deputy Chief Nurse in an NHS trust was open to candidates without nursing qualifications or experience.  

The #ProtectNurse currently has petition running to encourage Government to make nurse a protected title. 

Ms Shemirani once argued anyone who disagrees with her is lying, misinformed or jealous, and she blamed overweight, envious nurses for her career being ended.

‘The fact that I was always graced with decent looks and I’m always very slim has generated jealousy throughout my career,’ she said previously.  

Pictured: Kate Shemirani with Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at massive anti-vaccine and lockdown rally in London last year

Ms Shemirani, sprung to national attention during an anti-vaxxer rally in Trafalgar Square last year where she compared health professionals to Nazi doctors who should face ‘Nuremberg trials’, said vaccination teams should be renamed ‘death squads’ and referred to the NHS as the ‘new Auschwitz’ during a rally with Mr Corbyn’s brother Piers. 

In a video that went viral she said to the cheers of the crowd of anti-vaxxers and lockdown sceptics: ‘Get their names. Email them to me’ 

‘At the Nuremburg Trials the doctors and nurses stood trial and they hung.’ 

Police said at the time they were investigating the comments, with both London mayor Sadiq Kahn and Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemning the comments. 

It is said that Ms Shemirani only briefly worked for the NHS in the 1980s before working as a British Airways air hostess and model before administering Botox, fillers and peels while bringing up her four children. 

After undergoing a double mastectomy and reconstruction for her breast cancer, it is claimed she refused chemotherapy on the advice of her then husband Faramarz, himself a conspiracy theorist who believed 9/11 was an inside job.  

Her son Sebastian, 21, believes his mother, 54, must be prosecuted for hate crimes: ‘My mum is definitely beyond help. It’s impossible to talk to somebody when they’ve got that level of God complex.’ 

He says his childhood was ‘hell’ because of years of brainwashing and said today that he was left ‘bricking it’ aged ten when Ms Shemirani told him ‘the Rothschilds are planning to go live on a space station and how there’s going to be this mass genocide’, adding that when he fled home at 17 he said: ‘She came to see me as part of this global plot’.

A YouTube spokesperson said: ‘YouTube has always had clear community guidelines that outline what is allowed on the platform. 

‘The creator’s previous channel was removed from the platform for uploading content that violated our Medical misinformation policy. 

‘They tried to circumvent the removal by setting up another channel and as a result this new channel was terminated for breaking YouTube Terms of Service.’

Tyburn Convent was also approached for comment on Mother General Aw’s views. 

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