All the equipment you should buy to create the perfect home gym

Punch your heart out with this 5ft boxing bag that you can affix to your ceiling. Suitable for punching and kicking, this Everstrike bag is the perfect tool to get your heart rate up while also working on your upper body strength.

Boxercise is a famously brilliant full-body workout, and now you can shuffle, duck, dodge, jab, hook and uppercut – all without leaving your house. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer, £179.99 

You would be forgiven for having no clue what a vortex trainer actually is. It may sound like something space-age, but it’s actually incredibly simple – it attaches to a normal bike to turn it into a static, home device.

Perfect if you’re training for a race, or if you love cycling but don’t always want to brave the elements.

SPRI Agility Sliders, £14.93

This neat bit of kit is the perfect tool to give your core workout that extra edge.

Use it to perform upper and lower body slide exercises. From a glute-bridge position, you can slide your feet away from and back towards your bum – your abs will quickly be quivering in fear.

Slingshot Resistance Bands, £19.18

Resistance band training can be done anywhere – which is why they are the perfect addition for your home gym.

Sling one around your knees and feel your bum muscles activate instantly. They’re a great way to make squats and lunges more effective and will really help you get a deep burn in your glutes.

TechnoGym My Run Treadmill, £3,250

Ok, this one is definitely pushing the price limit – hard. But there are options to pay for this item in monthly installments to make it more manageable.

If you’ve got the cash lying around, the My Run Treadmill would make your home workouts feel super luxurious.

It is the first treadmill to include a native app that can sync to your phone or fitness watch. It even recognises your pace and selects songs from your music library that are best suited to your run – amazing.

Bodymax Omni 25kg Selectabell Dumbbell, £119

Adjustable dumbbells are a much more cost- and space-efficient alternative to buying a full weights rack.

The one dumbbell can be ten different weights with a simple adjustment – so whether you’re working on lighter reps, or building up to something heavier, you won’t to buy any new kit to achieve the results you want.

TRX Training – GO Suspension Trainer Kit, £79.95

Lightweight, accessible and easy to use, the TRX suspension trainer kit is brilliant for upper-body workouts and core workouts.

There are hundreds of YouTube tutorials to show you how to use the kit, so you don’t have to feel daunted if you’ve never tried it before.

And, if the weather brightens up or you get sick of your living room, you can take this kit to the park, hook yourself up to a tree and soak up the sunshine.

Peloton bike, £1,990

Again we are at the bankruptcy end of the price range – but the Peloton bike is special.

Not only do you get a top-of-the-range exercise bike with smoother than smooth handling, you also get unlimited access to live and recorded spin classes – it’s like having world-class instructors in your living room whenever you want one.

We’re going to start saving up.

Theragun Liv, £275

No home gym is complete without something that will help your muscles recover.

Earlier this month we took a closer look at muscle recovery and decided that while foam rolling was a good, cheap option – the all-natural percussive technology of the Theragun makes recovery simpler and quicker.

Simply charge it up at the mains, switch it on and painlessly pummel your sore spots into remission.

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