Acne prone skin care: What helps against pimples, blackheads and acne

Blemished skin care: Impure skin is not long familiar with only a pubescent Teenager. Adults also often suffer from pimples, blackheads and other skin blemishes. However, there are various ways with these unpleasant phenomena to deal. FOCUS Online explains what helps against blemished skin.

You first of all to clear that pimples are not a indication of poor or lack of body care. This was due to the hormones: the body Produces too many hormones that work to the sebaceous glands in the skin into high gear and produced, in turn sebum. If the follicles stick together and verhornen, this is in the Form of pimples and blackheads noticeable.

So it is no wonder that women frequently suffer from pimples, when the hormones are playing crazy, for example, in the case of a pregnancy or during Menstruation. Also Stress and Anger can stimulate the hormone production.

The right way to deal with bad skin

A first step for the improvement of impure skin image can be, therefore, stress factors, detect and remedy. They are, for example, constantly under the pressure of time, can help to better time management, or Delegating certain tasks.

Special relaxation techniques, for example, a half-hour of Yoga or autogenic Training daily to help you come down. Avoid factors that exacerbate skin blemishes:

  • Give up Smoking
  • Limit the consumption of alcohol
  • Go to bed early

The science is still in disagreement as to whether an improper diet favors the skin of impurities. Some people have noted, for example, an improvement in the appearance of the skin, if you forego dairy products.

Against hormonal fluctuations such as during a monthly cycle, you can target much. A congenital oily skin, which tends to increased formation of Sebum, it can not "geheilt" . Here, only careful care can help.

The proper care for your skin type

You don’t get to the heart of the trouble of pimples with aggressive products. This only makes the matter worse. Recommended gentle, soap-free care products such as pH-neutral cleansing gel. This will clean the sebaceous glands and washing away skin cell debris. At the same time, you can prevent acne bacteria in the pores and trigger inflammation.

In the drugstore or pharmacy you can get special lotions and creams that contain fruit acids or salicylic acid. These acids open the pores so that the excess sebum can escape. In severe cases, the going to the skin doctor is sensible. This may prescribe a light drugs like Vitamin A acid and antibiotics.

Note that an increased production of sebum may be related to oily skin. Let your type of skin by a cosmetologist. Also dry skin can pimples due to hormonal fluctuations and acne prone. If you are now in the false assumption that your skin is oily, a cream for oily skin, dry skin only.