4 Things Rachael Finch Always Has In Her Pantry

That glow! That body! That energy! Rachael Finch is the poster girl when it comes to health and wellbeing. So what, exactly, does she fuel her body (mind and soul!) with? Check out Rachael’s pantry must-haves…

Of course, Rachael Finch is genetically blessed… but she also takes her – and her family’s – health and wellbeing seriously. As a health coach and qualified personal trainer, Rachael knows the benefits of healthy eating run more than just skin-deep. “With our busy lives, it’s even more important to stop, nourish, and nurture our body and mind,” says Rachael. Thankfully, eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard work. Stock your pantry with some of Rachael’s tried-and-tested ingredients and you’ll be half way there!

Here, Rachael shares some of her favourite health food ingredients…  

Q. What are some of your favourite pantry essentials?

“Some of my pantry essentials include nut butters. In particular, the almond butter by Melrose is creamy, delicious and I can make a chocolate sauce out of it! I use it in a lot of my recipes to thicken up smoothies and create really flavoursome baked goods, like muffins and cookies.

“Other pantry essentials include good quality kitchen oils – my favourites are coconut oil and olive oil from Melrose of course. And I also like using maple syrup and good quality nuts (great on-the-go snacks!). Both are really good sources of quality essential fats.”

Rachael Finch wears many (fitness) hats! The health coach, activewear designer and mum of two is also currently a spokesperson for health foods brand Melrose. Rachael loves the Melrose Premium Liquid Coconut Oil, a mild flavoured cooking oil high in MCTs and a great source of natural energy.

Q. Speaking of snacks… what is your go-to snack?

“My go-to snack would definitely be a protein ball – a bliss ball. My favourite is the cookie dough protein ball with almond meal, Melrose Liquid Coconut Oil, macha powder, protein powder, nut butter, cacao nibs and other good stuff.”

Q. What’s a typical ‘day on a plate’ look like for you?

“It changes every single day! Basically, it is what you see on the Body By Finch planner is what I eat. It usually consists of a smoothie in the morning with all the usual culprits: banana, spinach, nut butters, blueberries, coconut milk…

“Lunch is usually a macro bowl with heaps of different ingredients. I could have roast pumpkin or roast sweet potato, grilled chicken, eggs, lots of greens, ferments and homemade guacamole, as an example.

“Dinner is often a source of protein – grilled fish or chicken with steamed vegetables or stir-fry veggies.”

Q. Let’s talk about your workouts… what does your weekly routine involve?

“I follow a regime. I also break my week up and try to incorporate diversity.

“That means HIIT training, which is high intensity interval training. Circuits that are literally done in 26 minutes. A body tone session, which is a yoga-inspired stretch session which also includes toning. Plus I have my movement days – so working on cardiovascular strength and heart health – and I compliment this with lots of meditation, and lots of stretching before bed.”

Q. Positively speaking… do you have a favourite affirmation?

“I’ve got so many quotes that I absolutely love, and they change every week! This week my favourite quote is: If it costs you your peace, it cost too much.

“I think that is really important in this day and age. We’ve got so much on our plates and we think that making it fuller and being busier will actually produce better results. For me, I’m all about finding white space in my calendar which I can give back to myself – and then ultimately have more energy for the activities I plan.

“I’m very much about self-love and I think that’s something we should include more and more and more of in our day.”

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