22 Outdoor Cooking Gadgets to Grill Your Way Through Summer

Can we all agree that the scent of juicy seared steak wafting up from the grill is the best kind of summer magic? Sitting in your back yard with an Aperol spritz in your hand (we don’t care what The New York Times says!) and your favorite grilling recipes on your iPhone, all you need now is for your guests to start arriving. In order to ensure you whip up a BBQ feast that your friends will be talking about for days, you’re going to need to all the proper grilling gadgets.

Whether your concern is safety or just making it easier to sling some ‘dogs, there’s outdoor grilling gear to solve any problem a budding outdoor chef could have.

From low-tech wonders like meat claws and something called a Slot Dog to high-tech devices like smart probes and digital smokers (and even an inexpensive outdoor pizza oven you can DIY), we’ve rounded up all the best outdoor grilling gadgets and gear ahead.


Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter

Get the party started in minutes with this chimney starter from Weber that has an ergonomic heat-resistant handle and special cone-shaped grate.

Weber Rapid Fire chimney starter, $22.87 at Amazon

Javelin Thermometer

The ultimate food-safety device, the Javelin tells you the temperature of your meat with an accuracy of 0.9 degrees F in seconds. 

Javelin instant-read thermometer, $26.99 at Amazon

Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker

A fire-burning smoker is always best, but in dry climates during the summer, those pesky burn bans can get in the way of your smokehouse dreams. It’s Masterbuilt to the rescue with this digital electric smoker with an easy-to-read (even in the sunshine) LED display and a front window so you can keep an eye on your feast. 

Masterbuilt digital electric smoker, $311.19 at Amazon

Masterbuilt Cold-Smoking Kit

The perfect companion to the Masterbuilt digital electric smoker, this cold-smoking kit allows you to smoke foods that don’t play well with high heat, like cheese and jerky. 

Masterbuilt cold-smoking kit, $66.49 at Amazon

Grillaholics Smoke Box

Or turn your gas or charcoal grill into a smoker with a stainless-steel smoke box from Grillaholics. The thick, stamped stainless won’t warp like cheaper models, and the large-capacity resevoir means fewer refills. 

Grillaholics smoke box, $21.95 at Amazon

Slot Dog

The Slot Dog creates crevices that caramelize to a crisp while allowing smoke and flavor inside the frank. When you’re dressing your dog, the toppings will sink into the crevices for a fully immersive flavor experience. 

Slot Dog, $16.99 at Amazon

21-Piece Grill Kit

This set of 21 stainless-steel grilling utensils comes with cool-touch nonslip rubber handles in an aluminum carrying case. A 10-year warranty means you’ll be using this cutlery for years to come. 

21-piece grill kit, $32.99 at Amazon

Semboh Heat- & Cut-Resistant Gloves

OK, not a gadget per se, but too important to leave off any outdoor cooking essentials list. These heat- and cut-resistant gloves protect your hands from cuts and heat up to $932 degrees F. 

Semboh heat- and cut-resistant gloves, $15.98 at Amazon


Little Griddle Charcoal or Gas Grill Griddle Attachment

The Little Griddle has underside cross bracing that promotes even heating to turn your outdoor grill into a flat-top for grilling cut veggies and more. 

Little Griddle charcoal or gas grill griddle attachment, $111.99 at Amazon

Grill Matts

If the Little Griddle is too rich for your blood, these nonstick grill matts are a more affordable option. They’re heat-resistant and reusable and roll to store in small spaces.

Grill matts, $12.99 at Amazon 

Nexgrill Universal Rotisserie

Nexgrill’s universal rotisserie kit fits any grill up to 32 inches wide and includes everything you need to install it. Since it can handle large cuts with ease, you can even use it to cook up rotisserie turkey for the holidays. 

Nexgrill universal rotisserie, $55.98 at Home Depot

Meat Injector

We’d say a surface baster is for the birds, but actually, a meat injector works well on them too. Infuse your ‘cue with flavor while keeping the meat tender and juicy with a meat marinade injector. Bonus: This one comes with a free cookbook.  

Meat injector, $20.99 at Amazon

Sauce Mop With Free E-book

That said, sometimes a basting brush is a must. This one comes with both cotton and silicone heads so you can choose the best material for your cut or preference. It also comes with a free e-book to help you master the art of basting.

Sauce mop with free e-book, $19.97 at Amazon

Lock & Slide Skewers

These skewers make it easy to slide your food off when it’s charred to perfection. Simply unlock the slide and push the food off. No more skewer soaking — plus, these bad boys are dishwasher-safe. 

Lock & Slide Skewers, $21.50 at Amazon

Dual-Probe Bluetooth Smart Thermometer With App

Slow-cooked meats require constant monitoring. This smart thermometer lets you keep an eye on your cut without the incessant back and forth. You can even add up to four extra probes. 

Once your probes are in place, monitor your feast with the free iPhone or Android app or just wait for the push notification or alarm to let you know your meat is succulent and flavorful. 

Dual-probe Bluetooth smart thermometer with app, $47.99 at Amazon

Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press

Make patties or stuffed burgers with this dishwasher-safe burger stuffer and press. It comes with a free recipe e-book and has a lifetime money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Grillaholics stuffed burger press, $14.95 at Amazon

Grill Press

This cast-iron grill press weighs almost 3 pounds to press unwanted fat out of your meat and add showstopping grill marks. You can even use it to make paninis.  

Grill press, $16.63 at Amazon

Grill Light

Who says grilling is just a daytime activity? This 10-LED grill light runs on three AA batteries to let you grill up a feast any time of day. 

Grill light, $11.99 at Amazon

The Grate Grill Scraper

This bristle-free grill-cleaning gadget is safer than ER-visit-inducing grill brushes. With a variety of groove types, it cleans the cooking gunk off almost any grill. 

The Grate Grill Scraper, $17.39 at Amazon

Grillaholics Meat Claws

Make quick work of shredding that pulled chicken, brisket or pork with these Grillaholics meat claws. They’re dishwasher-safe and have a lifetime guarantee. Hugh Jackman’s were CGI. Yours will be real.*

Grillaholics meat claws, $16.63 at Amazon

* No adamantium was used in the making of this product.

Grill Basket Set

This versatile set of grill baskets ensures you have everything you need to let the flames lick your chopped veggies or fruits. 

Grill basket set, $25.97 at Amazon

Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

This DIY outdoor gadget kit gives you the satisfaction of both a job well done and your very own delicious pizza oven-cooked pizza. Win-win. Plus, it’s waaaay less expensive than most prefab outdoor pizza ovens. 

Outdoor pizza oven kit, $174.99 at Amazon

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