“We had four weeks of Sex again, and it was really, really good”

Smarter life #1 – What does pairs Gianna, the Sex want as parents

Ideas for a better life we all have. And in the new Podcast “Smarter life” we meet every week people tell us how we can implement it in everyday life. The interval fasting over the marathon training to relationship tricks – we hear stories about first steps, first successes and new beginnings. Every Saturday a new Episode.

For a Start, we employ ourselves with the love life of expectant and new parents. We are visiting with Gianna Bacio, sex educator and mother of a young son. With her, we talk about listlessness, to third-the first few weeks, new findings and Concerns. On your living room table, she says: “Our biggest fear was to be among the couples to have no more Sex.”

Like are Gianna and her boyfriend deal with it? How has changed the pregnancy their relationship? And what can parents do to the sex life falls asleep?

The answers are in episode one of the new podcast “Smarter life”.

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