Virtual Reality

I am really stoked about the next virtual reality game at Escape Hour! When I first discovered Escape Hour in Calgary, I quickly developed a knack for any escape room that promised to be the hardest of all. Unraveling enigmas is one of the most pleasant group experiences. My friends love to get in an escape room every once in a while.

After my first experience in a locker room in Calgary, I was happy to find that there is another location in Edmonton. COVID-19 messed up with my entertainment plans. I long for the day when my friends and I will come back to try something new. The announced VR arena seems extremely fun and got my hopes high!

I remember the first day when I entered an escape room in Calgary. Escape Hour had prepared a magnificent scenario where observational skills were not all there were to the enigmas. They prepared a gem with an inner inscription. To get the clue, you had to use a light source and cast the shadow across the white wall in the locker room. That was brilliant!

I can not stop thinking about some alternative solutions and wonder if they would have affected the final outcome, but I enjoyed the rooms as they are. Besides, I am the knavish jester in my group. I like to push some of my friends totally sidetrack and see how they can deal with the most obvious solutions. I have fully enjoyed some hard and tricky puzzles that make the 60 minutes challenge something else.

I learned the hard way during the cold season that it is better to book a room and get there a little earlier than the scheduled time. I arrived on time, but I didn’t have the chance to prepare adequately. Getting there ten or twenty minutes before it starts makes the game comfortable for everyone. It lets you, the player, get a hold of the rules and the setting. Most importantly, it allows us to take unnecessary clothes off in a safe and secure area.

Before I got into any escape room, I thought it was a playground for children. However, the staff changes the complexity of the room according to the number of participants and the overall age. Several years later, I had been in facilities where children made a mess and were way too loud to enjoy any activity. But I never had this problem with Escape Hour in Calgary. I like how the rooms are perfectly acoustically isolated from the outside world.