Serenity of The 3-point Plan to learn: to slow down your life – Video

The deadline to comply with, exercise regularly, and time for family and friends. In everyday life we have to meet many requirements – often we feel stressed because of that. A life coach in an interview with FOCUS Online on Tricks, hustle and bustle by Serenity trade.

Life coach Thomas Hohensee knows a way on how you can slow down your life and sustainably happier.

First step: Situation reflect

Anyone who feels constantly stressed out, you should check whether he is able to cope with the daily Tasks done. It helps to describe a good friend or friend neutral the daily routine and to let the person assess whether he would perceive the work load as too large and reduce.

Another trigger for the feeling of Stress could be a passive-determined life. Targets will be set by the environment and not influenced by the company. The word “must” can be an indication of this. If you often have thoughts like: “I need to get done today”, “I must have been there call”, you should make your time active. Because the own wishes to address is very important for the inner satisfaction, stated Hohensee.

Second step: Personal goals plan, implement and check

To set targets, advises life coach to grab paper and pen and without thinking, intuitively the own needs of to write down.

These wishes should then be used in a woven. Take sufficient time and do not neglect your targets, recommends the expert. It helps to ask yourself regularly: “Am I satisfied?”, “Today was stressful for me?” and “Why is that?”

Third step: call time-outs, and enjoy

For a stress-free day, it needs regular time-outs, says Hohensee. Breaks should be planned both in advance as well as spontaneously, when the body’s exhaustion signals. Depending on your previous activity, you should relax then, either, or move. Important: these time-outs must be free of pressure and performance.

After a time-out, it is counter-productive, right back with work, to dig. You have to set priorities for the day and then also only this list, advises life coach Hohensee.